May Favourites 2018

June is here! Summer is here! How amazing May has been so here are my favourites! I love these posts…..

Well my May has been amazing mostly due to my new business – Jo’s Makeup Fix! I sell Younique products now and I am loving it. It’s so much fun but not only that, the ladies involved are so inspiring, supportive and motivational, it’s incredible!! It’s not just about the fab makeup(which is fab) but it’s just the bonus of a fabulous inspiring team of ladies and men that have created this brand to help others out there! Amazing!! I’m loving it. I have another makeup look coming out next week, so you should definitely take a look! If any of you would like to join my group on Facebook about my business and the makeup, let me know, I’d love to share it with you all too!!

Not only have I been loving my new business venture, I’ve loved the makeup I’ve got from it! Especially my new mascara – Epic Mascara! My lashes are so long and lush with this mascara and I wear it everyday!! Look at those lashes!

This month we went to see Legally Blonde at the theatre and it was so funny! Definitely one to see if you love the film! The jokes where so funny and the performance as a whole was brilliant, loved it!

Harry Potter Studios was another favourite this month too. My sister wanted to go on her birthday. I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but I found it really interesting and I’m glad I went along too. The sets and costumes are great to see and to learn all about the filming etc too, it was fab!

This month I also hit a huge goal of mine! another half a stone lost! 2 and a half in total since last year!! I’m over-whelmed by the compliments and I’m so grateful for where I am now! I’ve worked my butt off in the gym and trying to eat less carbs and eat well, and it’s definitely paid off. I’m much more confident and my makeup business is certainly helping that too! I’m loving the gym and trying new workouts! I’m so proud of myself and now only have a little more to go!

At the beginning of the month I went to the cinema and watched a couple of films and they are my final favourites this month. ‘I Feel Pretty,’ and ‘Life of the party.’ These films where hilarious! Brilliant actors and really great story lines! I feel pretty was fantastic because I felt I could relate, a girl who didn’t feel comfortable or confident in her body, then everything changes, but I won’t go on in case you haven’t seen it. But if you’ve ever felt low confidence and low self-esteem you HAVE to watch this film, it made me feel great! Life of the party was just hilarious! Melissa McCarthy was brilliant and along with the hilarious story line, the extra underlining story was again fantastic! Both great films to watch this summer!!!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your May, June here we come!! I can’t wait for my holiday!

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