Jo’s Make Up Fix – Younique

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to tell you all that I have become a Younique presenter. Along with a friend of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to buy a lot of products from my friend over the last few months and have fallen in love with them. I’ve even used some of the products in some of my previous posts:

Rose Gold eye shadow look

New Beauty Products

The quality of these products I thought were amazing. I would say they are as good as some of he higher brands, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, MAC etc. Great prices for these fabulous quality make up products. So with that I decided that I wanted to become a presenter to help pass on these products to show the great quality of them and I’m sure you’ll all love them too. What a great way to do it – through my blog. I’ve always found my make up related posts are always the most liked, so there will be a lot more make up look posts on the way!

This week I received my new kit. With the makeup for me to try and experiment with to show people how good they are and what you can get from Younique. So I thought I’d share that with you first today and then take you on this new journey with me!

Firstly is the 3D Fibre Lashes, if you’ve been reading my makeup looks recently you’ll know I’ve been using this product since the end of last year and I love it! You apply the gel first and then the fibres and finish with the gel to create beautiful lashes. I think it looks like I’m wearing fake lashes but it’s all real, amazing!

I also received the Epic mascara, lash serum and eyeliner pencil. The Epic mascara is one of the most loved products. It’s light and perfect for a day to day look. You can then add Fibre Lash to make a day look turn to night! Everyone loves EPIC lashes! The Lash serum is to apply under the mascara to help the mascara stay all day and to help you lashes stay Lush! Lastly the eyeliner pencil, I don’t usually use a pencil anymore but I can wait to try this. It’s great for a eyeliner but also you can smudge eyeliner to help create a Smokey eye!

Lucrative lip gloss is next and I already have the Luxe shade and have actually been wearing it all the time recently. Perfect for spring because it’s light and easy to apply too. This shade is Lovesick and it’s slightly pinker so I can’t wait to try this out!

Splash is a liquid lipstick. Applies like a gloss, looks like a lipstick. This is a gorgeous shade of red and I can’t wait to try this on a night look!

Eyeshadows next, I received four eyeshadows and 4 single palettes to try too. They just pop in magnetically into the pallets. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows I already own are amazing and they are so long lasting so I can’t wait to try these shades too!

Splurge is a cream eye shadow, which is so easy to apply. I would personally just dab a little on my finger and rub onto my lid, a little goes a long way with this product. The shade is exciting and something I wouldn’t usually try, so I’m excited to give it a go and see what I think!

Younique royalty exfoliating mask. Firstly I love the packaging for this product! It’s always nice to have a pretty item ☺️ I’m excited to try this because there are so many face masks out there that do different things and this one is great for making your skin look radiant and fresh; which after a long day or week at work my skin could do with a pick me up!

I also received some example face masks and foundation testers so I’ll be giving those a try too; and the latest catalog to show off the products.

Lastly the kit bag is amazing! It’s purple and sparkly- 2 of my favourite things! It’s got lots of room to fill it with makeup!

WOW what an amazing kit! I can’t wait to get started and get experimenting with these products! If you have any questions about my new, exciting venture comment and let me know!

I’m so excited about this, so I hope you’ll all enjoy the posts too.

Thanks for reading



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