Spring Eyes

Hi everyone! In my last post I mentioned I’d brought some lovely new eyeshadows from Younique. Some beautiful burgundy/purple shades, which are perfect for spring. Some lighter base shades and highlights and a gorgeous shade called ‘Glitzy’ which is a purple sparkly shade. I wanted to give you a little insight into my new eyeshadows and my Spring make up look.

First up I applied my highlight shade from my other Younique palette ‘Optimistic.’ This is perfect for the inner corner of your eyes. Great pigment and looks great with any other shades you use.

Secondly I used ‘Discreet’, this is a very light neutral shade. I applied this all over the lid as a fantastic base colour. I really like how this is a matte shade; great for a base on the eyes. I applied ‘Hesitant’ next and this is a matte light pink shade. I applied it on the outer half of my lid to start creating an ombre/smoky eye look.

Next up I blended ‘Frevent’, a more burgundy matte shade, through the crease in my eye lid. I also blended it under my lower lash line. I had to make sure this was seriously blended. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and amazing, you only need the smallest amount of eyeshadow on your brush and it goes so far! Blended this looks fab, but to top it off I finished with ‘Gifted’. A sparkly more purple shade. I blended this over the outer half of my lid.

To finish off, a line of eyeliner and my 3D Fibre Lash mascara. When I had a look once I’d finished in the mirror, I found it did look like an ombre eye. From a light sparkle, through the light shades of nude and pink and then into the smoky eye with the darker burgundy shade and then ‘Gifted’ sparkle to finish.


(I have a palette on the way!)

I really love this eyeshadow look! It’s great for the day and to keep it simple you could just use ‘Discreet’ and ‘Hesitant’. But all of these shades blended together makes for the perfect evening/night out look. Spring colours as well, what’s not to love? You could use as little or as many of these shades to make the perfect look for you. Along with my Smashbox Contour palette, Younique Bonbon and Benefit brows, I’m set for spring!

Thanks for reading



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