April Favourites 2018

Well what a month! Easter, family celebrations, my birthday, busy month at work (when isn’t it) and a fab weekend away with my friends! I’ve had a great April. To top it off we also got at least one week of beautiful weather in England!

Along with my Birchbox I’ve also tried a few new products this month and with some lovely birthday gifts I’ve certainly got some favourites to share with you today.

To start with my birthday was the 12th and for one of my presents I received a spa day with my mum and sister. We had a beautiful day and didn’t want to leave! I was so relaxed and enjoyed my amazing facial, which made my skin feel fab and I also got my nails painted too! What a treat! It was definitely my highlight of the month.

My weekend with my friends has also got to be a favourite this month! I had a wonderful time with my friends. We celebrated our birthdays and watched the London marathon and just enjoyed being together. We usually only get the chance once every few weeks to spend 2-3 hours together to quickly catch up! But we spent the whole weekend gossiping, catching up and there was lots of laughing πŸ’— I loved it!

Girls weekend πŸ₯‚πŸ’—

This month I’ve been loving the Tasumu Balm from Tropic. I’ve written a review on this in a previous post, so you can catch a full review there but I really like this product. It has totally cleared up my acne and the scars are slowly disappearing. I feel like this has really helped. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and my skin is looking great because of it!

β€˜Tropic’ product review

Also from my Birchbox the brow gel from Fill + Tame, I’ve been using everyday since the day I tried it. It’s easy to use, the perfect shade and helps create the great brow shape I’m looking for! Definitely worth a look into.

April Birchbox Makeover

My hair may not look different to many others but to me it’s very different. It’s exactly what I wanted and I love it! The light balayage and the cut just freshens up my hair style and it perfect for spring/summer! I may even get it cut a little shorter again.

New Hair πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

My last favourite this month has to be my new Younique eyeshadows! I ordered 4 new shades this month, some purple/burgundy shades and some lighter highlight shades too. Perfect for a spring look so watch this space for a spring make up look! They are fantastic quality, fabulous shades, and so long lasting! (I have ordered a palette for them to go in but it’s on its way!)

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful April and start to the Spring time! I’ve just realised most of my favourites this month I’ve already written a post on! That must mean I like them a lot! I’ve linked their post above. Like a said watch this space for a Spring make up look soon!

Thanks for reading


4 thoughts on “April Favourites 2018

  1. This was a really great post! πŸ’— I LOVE your hair, it’s so bright and definitely great for spring! I’ve always been too scared to dye my hair or get highlights, but really want to get an ombre one day. hehe

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