Girls weekend 🥂💗

Well I’ve just got back from an amazing weekend away in London!! Me and 3 of my best friends went away to London to celebrate our birthdays. We’ve not been away together before and it was so much fun! But it really didn’t start off well…..

I had to fill my car up with petrol before driving to my friends house to head to the train station. Once I’d got back into my car, my car wouldn’t start 🤦🏻‍♀️ whatttt??? Why does that have to happen to me, now?! Yes yes I did put the correct petrol in the car, everyone asked me that! It came up with an error message and I called the AA to help. All sorted but my train was in an hour- half an hour or so away from me!! My mum picked me up and rushed me to the station to meet my friends. My car stranded at the garage with the staff there. I was so stressed out and I’m writing this now with my car at the garage being looked at, still not knowing anything. Oh well I suppose life goes on 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Once I got passed the stressful car issues it was time for a fabulous weekend with my friends. We booked a makeup lesson class for a friends birthday present in the morning. Then my birthday treat was afternoon tea at The National Cafe – The National Gallery. Which was beautiful and the food was delicious. It was lovely to do something girly and different with the girls! We visited Regent street and looked in all the shops we new we couldn’t afford anything. Dinner time which meant back to the hotel to get freshened up and head out to dinner, cocktails and food at TGIs.

Today we got up and dressed and visited the Sea Life centre for another of my friends birthday treats- this was so much fun. Lots of things to see and learn about!

It’s also the London marathon today and we cheered on some of the runners and hopefully helped some along their way to the end! It was amazing to see! I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, these people were so inspiring.



I had a fantastic weekend with my best friends, lots of laughter, fun and celebration and a weekend we’ll laugh and talk about for years!! 💗 even if it started out super stressful!

What are you weekend away stories?

Thanks for reading


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