My top 10 Lipsticksđź’„

Like many people I’m sure, I have a few more lipsticks but the ones I like and use are these 10 that I wanted to show you! Different types, brands and shades but once I took the pictures for this post I realised that they are actually of similar shades. Pink and burgundy. But still I have my favourites.

First of all my MAC lipstick ‘Please Me.’ I may have stolen this from my sister but I really like this shade and well she never used it. It’s a slightly pinky nude shade that’s perfect for a daytime look. It’s creamy and beautiful and one of my very first lipsticks I owned, when MAC was the only place I would shop for lipsticks.

Another MAC lipstick I love is ‘Kinda Sexy’.’ I used to wear this all the time, it used to be my favourite nude shade. Why do I say used to be – you’ll find out later on in the post. It’s a great nude shade, creamy and long lasting. All great factors in a lipstick.

‘Yash’ is my next MAC lipstick which is slightly more of a deep nude. It’s matte and creamy and again long lasting, like the other MAC lipsticks. Another beautiful shade great for a daytime or evening look.

My last MAC shade is ‘Captive’ which is more of a plum shade. Again I used to wear this all the time on the weekends and especially in the Autumn. This was my favourite autumn shade, it’s a satin plum lipstick, beautiful.

Next up is my Too faced lipstick ‘escape.’ This is more of a red lipstick. A burgundy, red shade. A perfect lipstick for a night out look, bold and maybe slightly dangerous. I really like this shade, it’s different to the other lipsticks I have, it’s really the only red one I have. Thinking about it now maybe I don’t use it enough!

Clinique ‘Plum Pop’ was next in the line. It’s called Plum Pop but compared to my MAC Captive it’s lighter, slightly pinky too. Another different shade than the others I have. I actually received this lipstick in a free gift bag, when you spend a certain amount in Clinique and you get a makeup bag full of goodies. Well it was worth it because the free makeup goodies were all great and I use this lipstick often, for a daytime look usually.

Next is my Kylie Cosmetics ‘Apricot lip kit.’ Obviously when I saw this online I thought I’d really like this shade but unfortunately once I’d bought it, it had been delivered and I’d tried it, I realised it’s slightly too orange for my skin tone. This doesn’t mean I’ll never use it because I have but it’s not my favourite to use. It still has all the good points of the Kylie Cosmetic lip kits I have, lasts all day, beautiful shades and packaging, the list goes on. But this particular shade just isn’t quite me. It’s a lovely shade but in the long list of lipsticks it’s not my favourite, but that’s okay as I have many more!

‘Candy K’ is a deep slightly piny nude shade. This is my FAVOURITE lipstick! I love this for a daytime, evening out, lunches, dinners and night out looks. It’s great for everything! Like the Apricot lipstick, it’s a matte liquid lipstick. Looks as though it’s a lip gloss, but once you’ve applied it, it’s matte and literally lasts all day/all night long. Once applied you don’t have to re-apply at all. It’s a beautiful shade and I wear it a lot!

‘Posie K’ is my next favourite lipstick in my collection at the moment. A ‘berry’ shade, almost a burgundy shade, a little bit like my Clinique plum pop lipstick. This matte liquid lipstick dries and last all day long! This is why I love the Kylie Cosmetic lip kits. They all have the lip liners and liquid lipsticks, and seriously are the best lipsticks I have. Maybe slightly more expensive, especially with the delivery to the UK but for the quality lipsticks you receive it’s worth it!

Number 10 is my last of my KC lipsticks. ‘KOKO Gorg’ which is a lot darker than any of my lipsticks. This shade is like a ‘red wine’ shade. Beautiful and perfect for a night out makeup look. I said it previously in the post, it’s dangerous, this also applies her, it’s a deep burgundy colour and would look fierce with a black dress! I applied this once and took it off straight away, it was way too dark for me. But the more I apply it, I will get used to it. I don’t usually wear anything this deep/dark so I keep trying it to help get used to it and hopefully I will be wearing it out and about soon enough because I do love it.

img_7463Once I’d finished this post I let all of them dry and then went to wash them off. I used soap and equally scrubbed them off; and I was left with this.

I think you can see which of the lipsticks lasts the longest!

Well what a collection of lipsticks! Do any of you have any of these too? Let me know what you think of these as well, They’re all beautiful but Candy K and Posie K come out on top!! Great shades and they are so long lasting.

Thanks for reading



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