PCOS friendly recipes

Recently I’ve been looking into new recipes that I can actually eat. If you’ve been reading my posts for a few months now, you’ll know I have PCOS and I need to be on a low carb, gluten and dairy free diet and lifestyle. With a lot of exercise and good eating.

So I started cutting carbs in October, now 4 months on I’m a stone lighter, my acne has completely cleared up, along with my other symptoms getting under control too.

It’s been a hard but fantastic change for me but it can get so boring. I love food, mostly all the food that I now can’t eat! Finding new alternatives has been tricky but actually I’ve eaten so many new and healthy things, I wanted to share with you.

PCOS friendly meals and recipes: 

Giant mushroom, with sausage and bacon and melted diary free cheese. I know firstly dairy free cheese! It’s actually not too bad, I don’t eat cheese very often anyway so for the small amount of time that I do eat cheese it’s now dairy free. This little breakfast was delicious, Giant mushroom baked in the grill for 10 minutes. At the same time fry the bacon and sausages. Once these are cooked chop into small pieces and place on the mushroom and sprinkle a small amount of dairy free cheese. Bake in the grill for a further 10 minutes.

This is a fab breakfast. I ate 2 of these and some fruit but you can decide the portion depending on you. Everything is PCOS friendly and delicious.


Bacon and mushroom egg muffins. Eggs, bacon and mushrooms baked in the oven in a muffin tray. Simple, quick, easy and delicious. You can bake more than you need and then warm them up another day, freeze them if you want to. Great little breakfast or even lunch idea.


Scrambled egg, bacon, sausages and mushrooms for another delicious breakfast. Also great for a lunch or brunch. Yes it takes longer to create and clean up but it’s filling and yummy!


One of my favourite new breakfasts I’ve been having is my sausage and mushroom omelette. Fry up some cut up sausages and mushrooms and sometimes bacon too. Once it’s cooked add the egg and then grill to finish off the top. Delicious!

All of the above breakfasts are full of protein as with PCOS sometimes low protein is a symptom. Starting the day with one of these types of breakfasts can kick start your day and fill you up.

For lunch I usually have a salad of some description, fry some chicken (or other meat) and add salad leaves, sweetcorn and carrots- any kind of salad extra. After I usually finish with some fruit. It’s all things I can prep the night before or quickly in the morning so it’s easy for me to sort out and it tastes good too. On the weekends I find I’m bored of salad so end up having something I can spend more time doing, gluten free low carb wraps with chicken salad in for example.

Steak, Sweet potato and veggies. This is delicious, I love steak but with PCOS I can’t eat white potatoes; carbs, carbs, carbs. So sweet potato is the way to go.


Another lovely meal with the sweet potato and vegetables is chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, wrapped in bacon, with dairy free cheese sprinkled on top and BBQ sauce. Another PCOS friendly meal that I have regularly and it’s very filling.


So even though I can have sweet potatoes, I still think that I need to eat as little as I can. Meals become so similar when all I change is the meat I eat so sometimes I don’t have any potatoes and have more vegetables instead. So this meal was a new one for me, Tuna steak and veg. I’ve been eating a lot more fish than I’m used to. Before this change I never had fish because I don’t like it, but now I HAVE to so, salmon, cod and now tuna steak, which I ‘like’ to have now at least once or twice a week.


Very similar meals but all delicious.

Something slightly different is the chicken in coconut flour recipe I found. Coconut flour mixed with herbs and garlic and cover the chicken. Bake for 10mins on each side and add some vegetables or salad too. I’m fussy so I didn’t know how it was going to taste but It was really nice!

Bacon and pepper crust less quiche. This was a little tricky for me to create as it had cheese in but I found alternatives and created this lovely meal. I added some salad to it and it was delicious!

But dessert, what do I have now I can’t have ‘dessert’? Coconut flour cupcakes of course. I can’t have ‘normal’ plain white flour as it’s all refined carbohydrates. So I found a recipe for coconut flour cupcakes, which I was extremely nervous about trying but you know what, they were pretty good! I made a small amount of icing to put on a few for the rest of the family to enjoy. At first I wasn’t sure but once you get used to the different taste, it’s not too bad.


These are a few recipes I’ve tried and enjoy. I’m sure you can see why I get bored. It’s basically the same food everyday. Chicken salads for lunch most days too. But I’ve also tried other meals too (a stir fry – not pretty when photographed!) I’m trying new meals but always need inspiration, so let me know if you have any recipes I could try too!

Thanks for reading



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