Self – confidence

Self – confidence and self – esteem is so important. I’ve struggled with self-esteem and confidence for years. I was incredibly shy at school and college. Going into the ‘adult’ world and working truly helped me grow my confidence. People say to me now ‘your so confident’, my reply is ‘Only because of my job, years ago I couldn’t talk to people I didn’t know or be nervous ordering my own meal in a restaurant.’ They never believe it!

I’m currently a nanny but a year and a half ago I worked in a job where I had to ‘perform’ in front of children but also occasionally their parents too and I couldn’t be shy doing that! Before that I worked in an office (which was the complete opposite and not my thing at all.) But the phone calls and emails really boosted my confidence too. I’m sure you’ve all got ways of boosting your confidence too. I didn’t realise it worked until I was gone. When I’d finished the office job I soon found out the constant talking to people I didn’t know and writing emails, seriously made a difference to me, for the better. I’ve benefited from the choices I’ve made and even though the job was not for me and the complete opposite of what I enjoy, I don’t regret it, it was the perfect first step for me.

Well now some of you may know I’ve been finding it tough will my PCOS and the lifestyle I’ve had to adjust to. It’s been hard and yes my confidence has dropped considerably because of this. It’s important to remember that it’s for the best, I’m doing this for myself and my health.

All of these things are so important in my life. I’m sure you all have parts of your life that float your confidence up and down, make you feel amazing one minutie and then a stange look from anyone can change that to a low. For me it’s when I walk around a shopping centre for example; I’ve put my best clothes and make up on and then I get a funny look from someone, which could be them actually looking at something or someone else, but in my head it’s them staring at me in disgust or like I have something on my face. They’re probably not even looking at me but at that moment I don’t care, I want to go home, confidence has dropped and I’m done.

Me and my friends have spoken a lot about self-confidence recently. A couple of friends have started reading some self-esteem books and really raved about them. I was inspired by their belief in themselves and how reading the books made them feel, I wanted to give it a go.

Katie Piper ‘Confidence’ 

This is the first book on my list. I purchased it as soon as I’d met with my friends and started reading it. It’s full of fantastic advice and experience. It seriously makes me feel confident. I’ll be honest you have to take it a few pages at a time, It’s a lot to take in (and the only time I have to read it is at night and I fall asleep!) I would 100% recommend this book, It’s enlightening, inspiring and interesting.

Mel Noakes ‘The little Book of Self Care’

Next on my list is this little book of self care. I haven’t had a chance to read this properly yet because I can only read one book at a time; but I have had time to have a quick flick through and it looks great. This is more about the mind and life fully. “Mind ‘What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine you create.’ Buddha” I thought this was a fantastic quote from the book. It’s all about re shaping what’s on your mind and helping you care for yourself, think for yourself and believe in yourself too. It’s so important so I can’t wait to read this properly.

These are just two books out of many that can help with self-esteem and it’s so interesting to read about what others have done or do in order to power through the day. It helps me feel better, encourages me and my confidence rises. I totally recommend this strategy, read a book, it will inspire you. If you’re feeling down talk to a friend, that helps me too.

It is incredibly important to have high self-esteem/confidence. I know I’ve struggled recently and a whole lot in the past, many things have helped, the jobs especially, but I wanted to recommend these books if your feeling down or at a pause and need an inspiring read to help you. My confidence has risen and I’m proud of where I am now. It takes time but we can do it!

Thanks for reading



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