Rose Gold eye shadow look

Rose gold is one of my favourite shades at the moment! My Apple Watch and phone amongst other things are all rose gold. So pretty! Well when my friend (a Younique makeup presenter) showed me the Rose gold eyeshadow palette she was selling, I just had to buy it! But first up concealer……..

I’m still loving my Benefit Concealers to cover my blemishes and under my eyes. Boi-ing brightening concealer is perfect for brightening under my eyes. Boi-ing industrial strength concealer for my spots/blemishes. I apply these with my beauty blender and I think this really works and helps covering those areas I don’t want others to see.

Now to my current foundation which I’m really liking. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 1.0. This gives me great coverage and lasts the day. I think it matches well but also adds a little colour to my skin. I only need a very small amount for each day and applying with my Zoeva buffing brush, it blends great! To set the concealer and foundation I’m now using No7 translucent powder, which covers my skin so well, and as it’s a pressed powder it will last a lot longer than my previous powder.

Now onto one of my new beauty products from my posts 2 weeks ago, New Beauty Products, Smashbox Contour palette. The palette includes a contour, bronzer and highlight. The contour I applied just underneath my cheek bones, bronzer along my cheek bones, hair line and the sides of my nose. Highlight I apply under my eyes, middles of my forehead, along my nose and on my chin. I really like these shades and they really help shape and add a little colour to my face too. To finish off the contouring I lightly added some blush from my sleek contour palette, the perfect pink to add to the look. I made sure there wasn’t a lot because I didn’t want to take away from the eyeshadow.

Eyebrows are easy at the moment, I had them waxed and tinted last week, which means they don’t really need filling in. But I did just add a little Benefit Foolproof powder to the inner eyebrow to finish off the perfect shape.

Now onto my new gorgeous rose gold eyeshadow palette. It’s made up of Manipulative, a metallic shade; Nimble, a satin shade; Optimistic, another metallic shade and Slick, a shimmer shade. Beautiful shadows that blend really well together. I used Optimistic, the lightest shade in the palette, all over my lid especially in the inner corners. I applied Slick, which is the shade I would say is the most rose gold shade in the palette and extra sparkly, on the outer half of my lid and I did apply a lot! Through the crease I applied Nimble. This shade is a satin shade which you can see is definitely more matte than the rest of the shades in the palette. I made sure I blended this through the whole crease of my eye lid and also blended it under the lower lash line. Finally I applied the Manipulative shade on the outer corner of my eye, adding extra sparkle to the eye look. I LOVE this look! The shades are beautiful and blended together, it’s just the right amount of sparkle and rose gold shades. I hope you like it just as much as I do!

To finish off the eyes I added a small line of eyeliner and I also used my Younique 3D fibre lashes, which I apply every day. I love this because it makes my lashes look so long, love it!

To finish off this look I used my Lip gloss that came with my Younique eye shadow palette. Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in shade Luxe. It’s a nude/pink shade and It feels great, light and very refreshing on my lips. It lasted most of the day and it matches the eye shadow perfectly. Another fantastic buy.

I really love this look, the eye shadow shades are beautiful! Let me know what you think in the comments, I hope you like it! I will be doing this look a lot I’m sure.

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