January 2018 Favourites

Well can you believe it’s already the end of January?! It feels as though it’s gone so quickly!

This month I’ve had so much going on, starting on my new 2018 goals, seeing my friends, working and trying to find time for myself as well.

Firstly on my favourites list this week is my new trainers I got for Christmas. These are specifically made for the gym. I’ve been wearing them in the gym for the last few weeks and I love them. They’re comfortable and feel great to move around in! Also I love the colour and design.

A beauty favourite this month would be my new Smashbox contour palette. It includes a contour, bronze and highlight powder and it’s fantastic for shaping and putting some colour into my face. It also came with an angled brush in the box, which is really soft and very easy to clean, so a good bonus.

My favourite show this month has to be Greys Anatomy. I found it on Amazon Prime – 13 Series. Well I started it just after Christmas and I’m now addicted. Obviously it’s been around for years but I like to watch a show that has a lot of series so I don’t have to watch them weekly, I can just watch them at my own pace.

This month with all the cold weather my hands have been so dry. In and out of the cold weather, going inside to the nice warm house makes my hands sore and dry. So another favourite this month is Hand Food moisturiser from Soap and Glory. I love the smell of this moisturiser, it’s so good at its job! My hands feel so much better after using it. Sometimes I get cuts on my hands where their so dry but this moisturiser is great, I’ve been carrying it around everywhere because it’s great at putting the moisture back into my hands and making them feel much better!

Lastly this month I went to see The Greatest Showman at the cinema and oh my it’s so good! I loved it but not only that I’ve been listening to the soundtrack so much! Over and over again! In the car and even at work, singing in my head and in my car at the top of my voice. If you’ve not heard any of the songs or your not sure if you should go and see it, you definitely need to!

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