New Beauty Products

Makeup. I’m obsessed. I love buying it. I love trying it. I love wearing it; and I love experimenting with it! There is so much out there. So many brands and products I’ve never heard of or seen before.

I have the go to brands for certain things, Benefit for eyebrow products, L’Oréal for Mascara, Liz Earle Skin Care. Even if I change it up and try a new brand for that product, I just come crawling straight back. But this year I’ve decided I want to branch out, I want to try those brands that I’ve never heard of but have great reviews. Or I want to experiment and try a new way to apply a product. I know I’m going to enjoy this challenge, so whenever I get my hands on some new beauty products, I’ll do a review to document the products and brands I’m falling for.

Two weeks ago I brought myself a contour palette. Before now I’ve been using the Smashbox trio pencils for my contour, bronze and highlight. These pencils where amazing, they really shape my face and the highlighter really brightens areas of my face, especially under my eyes. Well unfortunetly the highlight didn’t last too long and I needed to buy some more. When I went to the Smashbox counter, there was a Smashbox Contour palette. It uses the same shade as the pencils but it’s in powder form. My thinking was, I’ve only been using the pencils for about one and a half months and I already need to buy more. Maybe the powder will last longer. So with my fingers crossed I went for the Contour palette and so far so good. The contour and bronze really help again to shape my face and bring more colour to it. Honestly the highlight isn’t as good as the highlight pencil but it does the job and I’m really happy with the results. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

In a previous post I mentioned my friend becoming a Younique presenter. Well she must be good, she presented in a live video the eyeshadow palettes. There’s a beautiful Rose Gold palette that I had to try! With a mixture of ‘manipulative’ which is a metallic shade; ‘Nimble’ which is a Satin shade, ‘Optimistic’ another metallic shade and finally ‘Slick’ which is a Shimmer shade. The Palette is amazing! Built up with these 4 sparkly rose gold shades, to create a gorgeous eye shadow look for many occasions. I’ll definitely be using this palette in my makeup looks!

Now with beauty products I also think come face masks. For Christmas I was given a few different face masks. These specific ones were brought to help with my acne, to calm down and refresh and treat the skin. Well they are super. My skin feels wonderful afterwards, soft and clean and able to breathe. It targets your pores and I feel as though it has certainly helped. Every now and then to treat your skin, take time out to freshen up and rejuvenate, it will help your pores and oily skin. If your looking for some face masks to really clean your skin and help your acne, take a look at these.

Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations for beauty products or if you’ve tried any of the above products too

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