New 2018 Goals

2018, wow it’s come around so quickly! I’m hoping 2018 will be as amazing or even better than 2017.

This post follows on from my last post : Did I achieve my 2017 goals.

I’ve decided that every year I will make 5 goals for the following year and then see whether I’ve achieved them at the beginning of the next. This blog is a great place to write it down and look back on, to see what I’ve achieved.

Last year I conquered travelling, my new job, fitness, diet and friendship and I’m sure this year there will a couple of similar goals but lets see.

  1. Firstly I’d like to spend some more time with my loved ones. Friends and family are important and I know currently I spend time with them but seeing more of my friends I’d love. We all have separate lives, jobs and families so it’s hard to find the time sometimes but when we see each other and spend time together it’s so much fun, I’d like to aim to do that more.
  2. So following my huge weight break through last year, I have a goal, it’s a secret goal but I suppose it’s a goal. I want to carry on in the gym and I want to build my confidence and I want to get in a nice swim suit or bikini in the summer! I’ve never worn a bikini before. I’m determined that I can do it!
  3. Goal 3 this year will be to really understand and get my PCOS under control. I found out a lot more about it at the end of last year and I want to get on top of it. I want to be in control of my symptoms, I want to know what’s happening in my body and I want to feel better too.
  4. Reading. I’m not a huge reader. Blogs maybe but books aren’t my go to but I’d really like to make some time for myself. I feel as though reading would be one way to do that. A goal for me is to have a pile of books at the end of the year that I’ve read. Any recommendations?
  5. Savings. I’m almost 23 and currently I’m not looking at buying my own house or flat or anything just yet, but in a few years I will be. My last goal for 2018 is to make some more savings towards a place to live for myself. I’ve always been good at saving money so hopefully in a year I will have a great start at savings for my future.

5 goals for 2018, I wonder whether I can do as well as 2017. If you haven’t read my last post then please do :

This is something I’m going to start every year, to see what I can achieve. Last year I smashed all 5 of my goals, fingers crossed I can do it again this year!

What are your goals and resolutions for 2018?

Thanks for reading



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