Lush Christmas Haul

Well it’s nearly Christmas Day! Who’s excited?!

The other day I popped into Lush to pick up some Christmas bath bombs. They had such a lovely selection but I decided to go with a few I’ve not had/seen before. I though I’d show you the ones that I’ve chosen.

Firstly I picked up Christmas Sweater about 5 weeks ago because I went into the store for my friends birthday present and decided to pick a bath bomb up for myself too. I’ve not yet used this one, but it smells delicious and I think it turns the water pink too. Can’t wait to try it out! It’s supposed to be a snowflake on the front but by the time I took the picture I think it’s rubbed on the bag slightly.

Next up is my Christmas tree. This product is a bath melt. You can take the two pieces of the tree apart for two separate occasions. This means you can pop it into the bath and instead of fizzing like a bath bomb it melts and changes the colour of the water and smells amazing! This is very relaxing and maybe the perfect start to the Christmas break from work!

Now lastly my Plum Snow Bubble bar. This smells beautiful! I also really like the look of this one too. I saw it and thought I NEED that one! As it’s a bubble bar you need to crumble it under running water to create a purple bubbly bath. I’ve used this one this week on the run up to Christmas but I only used half of it and that’s all you really need! Loads of bubbles and it smelt great, very relaxing!

There were so many bubbles before the bath I didn’t take a picture because you wouldn’t of been able to see the water, but this is after my bath, look at that water! (Purple is my favourite colour!)

It’s almost Christmas and today was my last day of work over the Christmas period, I’m back at work on the 2nd January 🎉. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the time off to enjoy a nice bath with one of these products! Have you brought any Christmas Lush bath products this year?

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