Christmas Party Makeup look

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas! It’s that time again, it’s time for a work Christmas Party! Last year I also posted a Christmas Party Look so have a sneak at that post too! This year I wanted to go something I little brighter. Last year I used a Urban Decay dark sparkly eye shadow and this year I wanted to use a brighter shade.

Also recently I’ve changed a few makeup products so you’ll find some new products too!

First of all I used my new Benefit Boiing brightening concealer under my eyes using my sponge. I also have the Benefit Boiing industrial strength concealer. This is what I use on my acne/blemishes. I did use this product under my eyes as well but felt that it didn’t work too well and didn’t hide or brighten the area. When I popped into Benefit to buy some more they showed me the brightening concealer for under your eyes to help cover up the dark area, so I brought some to try and I love it, it is much better for under the eyes.


For my skin I’ve got another new product, Estee Lauder double wear light foundation in shade1.0. With this foundation I’ve found it a little thicker than other foundations I’ve tried but I don’t have to use a lot of it to get a really good coverage. I used my Zoeva buffing brush to apply and blend. To finish my base it applied L’Oreal translucent powder. This just takes the shine off of my skin and set the base.


Now onto one of my favourite products at the moment, my Smashbox contour pencils. I’ve used these in some previous posts as well because I really think they work! They really help shape my face. The highlighter I put under my eyes, down my nose, my forehead and on my chin. The bronzer I apply on the sides of my nose, on my cheeks and the sides of my forehead. Lastly the contour I apply under my cheek bones and above my bronzer on my forehead. I really like this product, it blends well and really bronzes my face!


Eyebrows next and I applied my new Foolproof powder from Benefit using an angled brush. This is great colour for my brows as they are naturally dark but need the filling in especially in the front.

For eyeshadow for a Christmas Party I went for my MAC burgundy palette. I really love the shades in this palette, and the sparkly shades made this perfect for a Christmas party look. Firstly I applied Popyseed (top,middle) all over my lid as a light base. Next I wanted to build the colour so applied Star Violet (bottom, middle) through the crease and outer corner. One I’d blended that shade through I lastly added Antiqued (middle, left) through the crease of my lid and under my lower lash line, which just added a little more of a stronger shade through the lid to really define the eyes.  Applying a thin line of eyeliner on my top lash line and then my L’Oreal mascara to finish the eyes.

I was going to apply a red lip or something because it’s Christmas but because I went with such a deep eye look I wanted to go for a more subtle lip, so I used my favourite lipstick at the moment, Kylie Cosmetics Candy K lip kit. With the lip liner and lipstick, this look was really finished of nicely.


I hope your all loving the run up to Christmas this year! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and I hope your enjoying my Christmassy posts. This week expect posts about Lush and Christmas baking and a Christmas Day makeup look.

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