New Kylie Cosmetics products

Hi Everyone, How are you all? Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas! December already, wow! So for my post today I wanted to show you my new Kylie Cosmetic products that I have brought recently, along with a lip kit for my sister and my two best friends for Christmas. I bought a new velvet lip kit and a lipstick.

I love the two lip kits I ordered in the summer. They are great, the best lipsticks I have. The quality is amazing and they are the only lipsticks I have that last all day. Not only did I want some more for myself, I thought because they were so good I wanted to share the magnificent lipsticks with my friends!

So today I wanted to show you the products that I brought for myself (just in case my friends end up reading this post.)

Firstly my new Lip kit in shade Apricot. Apricot is not really I nude shade but a light shade most definitely. It’s a hard shade to explain, but one word that does describe it would be apricot. I know great as it’s the name. It’s kind of a light yellow shade/nude. I’ll let the pictures of the lipstick explain what it looks like because it’s quite tricky. So even though it might be hard to explain the shade, this lip kit is still fantastic and great for a day time look. The lip liner is great and perfectly matching the lipstick. I’ve found that some lipsticks can have a really badly matched lip liner pencil but Kylie Cosmetics does it perfectly. The lipstick is a velvet rather than a matte shade, which I think I prefer because in the winter my lips get so dry and with a matte lipstick it really doesn’t help. But with the velvet lipstick it helps my lips stay hydrated/soft. This is a fantastic product, I really, really like the shade and the fact that it’s velvet, it’s so different than all my other lipsticks, but I also feel like I don’t LOVE it quite as much as the Candy K from my first Kylie Cosmetics order.

Now onto my second product I brought which is the Gorg Lipstick from the KOKO collection. With this product the packaging is slightly different. It’s gold with the shade of lipstick ‘dripping’ down the side on the lipstick (or so it looks as if it is dripping.) The writing on the lipstick is in a like rose gold metallic and it’s beautiful. Now the shade of this lipstick is a dark burgundy. Well what can I say, it is a fantastic colour lipstick and I definitely don’t have a lipstick like it. I did apply this lipstick the other day and it was SO dark for me. I think this might be because of the outfit I was wearing and maybe I need something a little darker to match the lipstick. The shade was just amazing!! I am certainly going to try this lipstick out again, I think it would be great for a Bonfire night look or maybe a night out lipstick.

What do you think of these products? Have any of you ever tried or bought any Kylie Cosmetic lip kits, lipsticks, eye shadows or any other products? I just love the quality of them, I hope you agree.

If you haven’t already please read my last Kylie Cosmetics blog post and let me know what you think of my other Lip Kits too. I have used both of these lip kits in my Autumn make up looks, so read those too…..

Autumn Makeup look #1

Autumn Makeup Look #2

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