Disney Nails

Disney, Disney, Disney!!I’m going to Disney and not just at anytime of the year, at Christmas!! Christmas at Disney, I seriously can’t wait. I know Disney is magical but at Christmas it’s supposed to be even more magical and special. As you know if you’ve read some of my other posts, I’m a huge Disney fan! I’ve visited Disneyland Paris before but this time i’m going with my family and at Christmas. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit Disney World Florida 2 years ago which was the best holiday ever!

So for this post I wanted to show you my special nail design I’ve done for Disney. Also because we’re going at Christmas I wanted my nails to be extra special and Disney and Christmassy.

First of all I used my favourite red shade Rose brocade. It’s a rich red, the perfect for Christmas. So I applied two coats of this polish.

To add a little extra Disney to my nails, I applied Studio white dots on one nail using my dotting tool. This is for Minnie Mouse.

On my little finger I wanted to add some pretty glitter a little like snow for a little Christmas sparkle!

On my ring fingers I’ve added a little Mickey Mouse. For this I used Black Pool on the end of my dotting tool and I’ve made a little Mickey Mouse shape on top of my red nail. A large black dot with two smaller dots in the top corners for his ears.

Then to finish I used the top coat and cuticle oil.

I really like this Disney and Christmas nail design and I can’t wait to go to Disney this week! When I get back I’ll be posting on my blog about what I got up to and some pictures of Christmas at Disneyland, so keep an eye out for that next week!

Also through December I’ll be posting a lot more with lots of Christmas themed posts!

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