Makeup VS no Makeup

Hi Everyone, today I wanted to share with you all, firstly what makeup I’m currently using for my everyday looks and secondly how good I think those products are. I have a few new products that I think are really amazing and I wanted to share how good they are, especially because I’m suffering from a lot of acne at the moment, so it shows how well that and my red toned skin is covered up and how natural it looks.

Firstly I used my new product from Benefit cosmetics called Boiing in shade 1. This is a concealer. It really brightens up under my eyes and I think its a great concealer for my acne as well. Although you can’t hide the spots up so much that you 100% can’t see them, it really does the job for me. It means it’s covered up so that you don’t notice them straight away. Next I used my Clinique Foundation in shade 1 as well because I’m so light and my Clinique translucent powder, which works so well to set the makeup and they’re such natural shades, which I love.

For the skin next I used my Smash Box Contour trio pencils. I’m really loving these at the moment, making me look nice and bronzed and also defining my cheek bones. I also really like this highlighter, it really helps brighten up areas like under my eyes. I use the contour first just under my cheek bone and from my temple to the edge of my forehead. Bronze pencil I apply just above the contour shade on my cheek and forehead. I also apply it on the side of my nose and a tiny bit on my jaw line. Highlight pencil goes under my eye and up the side towards my temple. I also apply it in the middle of my forehead and down the centre of my nose. Then to finish I place some on my chin. Really just brightening the ‘T-Zone’. I make sure I blend as I go through each stage of the contouring.

My eyebrow is next and I have another new product from Benefit. Foolproof Brow Powder; which is a palette that has a lighter shade for the start of your brows and a darker shade for the end. I use an angled brush to apply this product. I really like it because my brows end up not being to dark and in your face as I feel they used to be.

I applied some eye shadows next from my Naked Heat palette. I used Ounce, which is the lightest white shade, in the inner corner of my eye. I didn’t use too many shadows as I wanted to stay simple for a quick day look. I used He Devil on the outside of my lid and through the crease and then blended it slightly. I then applied Lumbre over the top of He Devil to add a little extra sparkle to the look.  I didn’t use any eyeliner in the look as I’ve not really been wearing it recently. All I did was apply my Bad Girl Lash mascara by Benefit to add a little extra volume to my lashes.

Before I applied any lipstick I thought I’d add some colour to my cheek so I applied Dandelion by Benefit Cosmetics because I knew it would look subtle and beautiful with this look.

Then to finish off I used my Kylie Cosmetics Candy K nude lipstick on half of my lips including the lip liner pencil as well. I really think this finishes off the look perfectly.

It was an easy look to create, but I think it really shows a lot of difference in what I look like with and without makeup on. With makeup on my eye looks so much more awake and underneath my eye looks so much brighter. My spots look so much better with makeup on, they look so red and sore without makeup on. Lastly I also think the contour trio really help shape my face. Really great products, I think the only thing I would change is my mascara, I really like the Benefit Bad Girl Lash but I think I can find one that can spread out the lashes a little with the same of better amount of volume. What do you think?

Let me know whether you have any of these products or have used any and tell me what you think about them, good and bad opinions.

Take a look at my last post My PCOS journey so far, it was a personal one for me and I wanted to share it anyway.

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