Kylie Cosmetics review 

Hi everyone! I have recently received some brand new makeup from the Kylie Cosmetics company. I’ve seen a lot of people  on Twitter etc talking about it and I thought I’d give it a try. Once I tried it I knew I wanted to do a little post on it to pass on the love for the Cosmetics.

Now as you know I’m from the UK so first of all was actually trying to get it here. The price of the actual makeup wasn’t too bad but once you put delivery onto it, that made it a lot more expensive. I knew there would be a customs charge but when I got the cost in the post it costs £35 I was hoping the makeup was really amazing! My friend also went in on the purchases so all in all we spent around £200 on 5 items 😮 which I don’t usually do; but nevertheless to try the brand and see what the makeups like it may just be worth it.

The packaging for the makeup was beautiful. It was delivered in a normal postage box but on the inside it was a light pink colour with little white hearts, which made it very pretty. Obviously inside the box was the makeup we purchased and a little note from Kylie on pink sparkly card. It was a beautiful package to open.

So onto the products themselves. I choose two lip kits from the collection to try before possibly going back for more.

Firstly I have Candy K, which is a nude shade and secondly Posie K, which is more of a plum/ burgundy shade. Both of which I have totally fallen in love with. The best part I have found is that they stay on all day! You have the lip liner in the packet and also the lipstick. The lip liners are slightly darker than the lipstick and I also thought the lipstick was slightly more matte than I thought it was going to be. Both shades have great coverage and the liners really help to define the shape of my lips.

The individual packaging for the lip kits themselves was also great. The boxes aren’t too big and the design on the front is great too. It’s fun and pretty and I love how it shows the shade of the lipstick, on the lips and the top of the box.

I love these two new lipsticks and I will definitely be recommending them and going back to buy some more products! I’ll be using these soon in some makeup look posts so keep an eye out for those!

Let me know if you have any Kylie Lip Kits and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading



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