June and July Favourites

Well hello again everyone! I feel like all I’ve been doing the past few months is apologise for not writing posts. I have been all over the place, Mallorca for 2 weeks with the family I work for and to a wedding last week. Super busy! But I am now getting back into the routine and am wanting to make sure I post on my blog at least once a week!

Now because I have been so busy I have unfortunately missed out on June and July favourites, which I have tried to keep on top of and enjoy writing every month. Over the last couple of months I have been able to treat myself and I have many favourites I want to share with you.

First up my favourite out of everything this past 2 months is my new car! I was able to treat myself to an Audi A1. My new job has helped me save over the last 6 months and in June I got my new car. It’s great fun and I love to drive it.



Next up is my new gel nail polish which I used in my last blog post, Neon Cherise. It’s bright pink and it was perfect for my trip to Mallorca because with a tan it looked beautiful, very bright! When I got back from Mallorca I re-applied the colour on my fingers and my toes. It’s the perfect summer shade!

As I have mentioned it I think I should add it my favourites this month. My trip to Mallorca was great fun. I’m so grateful to the family I work for, for taking me away with them, I know it was for work to look after the children, but it was a fantastic trip, exhausting, but great and I came home with a great tan so what could be better! While I was away I did get bitten very badly by bugs, they got worse while I was out there and by the time we where going home they were extremely red and huge! So when I got home I ended up going to the out of hours hospital and getting antibiotics for them! Thankfully they have died down now! Definitely not one of my favourites this month!

My next favourite is an outfit I brought to take away with me. A playsuit from New Look. Red with white flowers, with one shoulder. It’s also the reason my back has a great sun tan. It was very comfortable and great for the days out with the children while we were away.

Next is my home workouts, I’ve been loving going to the gym for the last 4 months but I have also been doing workouts at home too and especially in the sunshine it is great fun. I even did lengths in the pool in Mallorca about 30 mins each time💪🏼

Something great also happened this month, my best friend surprised us all by coming home from travelling 2 weeks early!! But to her it was on time, she was always going to come at that time but we thought it would be August, so she really surprised us last week. We’ve spent so much time together catching up about her travels and I’m so glad she’s home safe.

Lastly my makeup favourite this month has been my Sleek contour palette, it’s been great to wear during the summer sun we’ve had over the past few months. The blush is a beautiful shade and sometimes I use just the blush as I’ve not been wearing foundation since I’ve been back from Mallorca as it makes me look like a clown, my body darker than my face! Also the contour is great when I wanted to add a little defienition without making me look too brown with my tan.


I hope you enjoyed my favourites from the past 2 months, take a look at some of my previous favourites:

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Keep an eye out for my next post about my summer make up look!

Thanks for reading





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