Holiday Nails ☀️💅🏼

Hi everyone, I’m off again for 2 weeks! I’m jetting off to Mallorca with work and I’m excited to see the sun! If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I love doing my nails. Take a look at some of my previous nails posts if you haven’t already, especially my Christmas designs. I haven’t actually posted a nail design in a long time, so I wanted to show you my fabulous new colour I’ve chosen for the holiday.

Whenever I go away to a lovely sunny country I usually choose a pink or coral, something nice and bright. Well I saw a new fluorescent pinky colour and had to go for it. When I first received it in the post I had a little look and I thought it would be too bright and I wouldn’t like it. But once I applied it my opinion changed. I love it! It’s perfect for a holiday in the sun and once I’ve got a sun tan it will look amazing.

The shade is called Neon Cherise. It’s bright pink and even though my nails are quite short at the moment it still looks fab. I applied my base coat and then my Neon Cherise. On my ring finger nails I then applied a light pink glitter, which I found in the back of my nail trays, which just adds a slight bit of sparkle to the look. Once the top coat was applied and the nails where finished I was so glad I added the glitter, in different lights the large bits of glitter are different colours. White or light pink and sometimes even blue/purple colours too. I also think they look well finished and I actually love how bright they are. I really like this nail design, especially for a holiday and I’m so glad I went with the new colour even if I didn’t like it when it first arrived.

What do you think? Would you go for such a bright pink colour?

Here are some of my other nail designs:

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“Rose Brocade” Shellac Nails

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