May Favourites 

As I was in New York at the end of May I wanted to make sure I still wrote a May Favourites post. May seems to have gone very quickly but here are my favourite things…..

Firstly obviously my 8 day trip to New York City! This has to come on my favourites list, it was an amazing trip, one that I’ll never forget! We saw and did so much- if you haven’t yet, take a look at my previous New York post, with pictures and information on everything I did-New York City 2017🇺🇸🏙

While I was out in New York you can’t go anywhere without seeing a Sephora, so of course my sister an I HAD to go in! I am loving all of the products I brought but 2 of them are my new favourite makeup products. Hoola Lite by benefit is the first one. It is what it says, it’s a lighter shade of the hoola bronzer. I find that the hoola bronzer is a little dark for my skin tone, but I find that this really is still a great bronzer, it works just like the original hoola product, and it’s a great shade that really matches the lighter sking tones. This hasn’t come out yet in the UK but if you’ve got a slightly lighter skin tone, this is something I recommend. The second product is my new tarte lipstick. We don’t have tarte in the UK (that I know of) and their products are beautiful. The packaging was what I really liked at first and then I found a gorgeous pinky gloss shade which is perfect for summer.

My next May favorutie is a series I’ve watched on Netflix, Heartland. I love it, I watched it all in 3 weeks, I know very sad! But through May is was definitely my favourite thing to watch and if you’ve every watched it you’ll know it’s based around a horse ranch and has made me really want to start horse riding as a hobbie. Well we’ll see how that goes 😄

Lastly my favourite skin care product this month has been my new Clinique anti-blemish solutions moisturiser. I really think it’s helping hydrate my skin. As soon as I apply the moisturiser my skin feels lifted straight away, I feel awake automatically, which is great on an early morning.

Now it may not seem like a lot of favourites but as I was away for some of the month that gets included. I did so much while I was away, I couldn’t name one specific favourite but take a look at my last blog post for more details. New York City 2017🇺🇸🏙

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