New York City 2017🇺🇸🏙

I’m back! I’ve arrived back from NYC this week after the most amazing adventure! If you’ve ever been to New York you’ll understand how completely different it is, the hustle and bustle of everyone everywhere, the beautiful sites and scenery and the fact that it’s such a busy city but you go up in the tallest buildings and you feel a world away. I wanted to share some of my amazing pictures with you in this post and some of the things that I did while I was out there.
While we were away we went to some amazing places; the Empire State Bulding, Rockefeller Centre, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, 9/11 memorial, Yankees Stadium for a baseball match, Grand Central Station, the United Nations, Tines Square, Brooklyn Bridge, shopping of course and we cycled around Central Park as well as walked it and had a picnic there too, it’s a beautiful place! We did so much over the week we were there and it’s defiantly a trip I will never forget.

Here’s a slideshow of my favourite photos from the trip….

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It was a fab trip and it now feels like a dream because we’re back to reality. I think my favourite moments where the Empire State Building at night, watching the sunset over the city, also cycling around Central Park and lastly visiting 9/11 memorial. It was so upsetting but also very interesting to finally learn what happened as I was so young when it happened. 

If you’ve ever been to New York let me know what you’re favourite moments where.

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