My top 5 holiday essentials 

Hi everyone! So this week I’m off to New York! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see all of the sites. As I’m packing this week I thought I’d share my top 5 holiday esstentials before I leave.

Firstly something that most people go and buy before a holiday, travel size toiletries. I mean are you really going on holiday unless you go to Boots and buy small pots of shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste, even though you know it would be cheaper to use empty bottles from home and fill them with your shampoo and conditioner that your already using, but this way is just easier! My toiletries are Elvive thickening shampoo and conditioner, which I brought slightly bigger because I’m sharing with my mum and sister. Also my deodorant Mitchum I’ve brought in travel size, along with dry shampoo and toothpaste. You can’t go anywhere without those.

Next on my check list is a book. I know this holiday is not a laying down by the pool and reading a book kind of a holiday, but I always take one along with me just in case. I never know when I might get a quite half an hour at the hotel to read or I could always have time for a read in Central Park one afternoon. My options are ‘Girl Online Going Solo’ by Zoe Sugg, I’ve read all of her books and I love them. I’ve also got ‘Did I mention I Love You?’ by Estelle Maskame. I never read any of these books before but I thought I might give this one a try.



One of the most important things this holiday is my polaroid camera. I love taking shots with this camera and I can’t wait to document the sites in New York with it. Don’t worry I’ve got lots of extra polaroid’s for the week.


It’s also my sisters 21st birthday while we’re out in New York;  that’s the reason we’re going. So I’ve brought banners and balloons to decorate our hotel room to make the whole week exciting and special. Along with a moonpig card full of pictures of us growing up, with a few hidden embarrassing ones to. Also I’m taking along a card explaining her birthday present – we’re off to see Steps in November on their reunion tour, she’s going to be so excited!

Lastly I’ve got my very comfortable trainers. I may look stupid wearing my sketchers with everything, but I know that we’re going to do a lot of walking around New York and I am not getting blisters while I’m out there, so Sketchers it is. I’m sure I’ll take my converse as well but these trainers are great for a long walk – they have memory foam in so it’s like walking on cushions.

I’m so excited about my trip to New York and I’ll be posting a New York blog post when I get back. I’m not sure I’ll be posting next week though as I’m going to be preparing to go away this week and I arrive early on Sunday morning, but don’t worry the week after the New York post will be up!

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Thanks for reading





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