Chocolate Orange Cheesecake 

Hi guys! Welcome back and hello to all my new followers! I hope you all liked my posts last week, I was able to fit two in for you; Spring Make Up Look and April Favourites.

Last week I made a fabulous Chocolate Orange Cheesecake from the Tanya Bakes recipe book. It was delicious, I thought I’d share the recipe with you all so you can give it a try.

Here’s my ingredients:


First of all I crushed the chocolate biscuits into crumbs, which really hurt my fingers! I put the melted butter and 1 orange zest together and mixed it, which I then pressed into a tin. (Once I’d finished I realised I should have used a flan dish, it would have been easier.)



img_0949In another bowl I mixed the cream cheese and icing sugar together, which I left until I needed it later on. I then melted 200g of Terry’s Chocolate Orange over boiling water. While this was melting I whisked the cream using my stand mixer. Once this was ready and made peaks in the bowl I added the melted chocolate and the cream cheese and icing sugar mixture and whisked.






I then smoothed this mixture over the biscuit base and once it was smooth I put it into the fridge for 2.5 hours.







One I’d taken it out I decorated it with some left over Chocolate orange segments and even grated one on top. It looked great and everyone that tried a bit loved it, and said they loved the biscuit base and the taste of orange!

Give it a try!! Let me know if you do and what you think. I love baking and I’d love to share my next creations with you.

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Thanks for reading



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