Spring Make Up Look

Hi everyone, Welcome back! I’ve had the last couple of Sundays without posting a blog post, I know I probably should have done but it was my birthday and Easter Sunday and I’ve been extremely busy celebrating. But to make up for it this week I will be posting 2 posts for you! Also something very exciting coming up in a few weeks- I’m off to New York City! It’s my sisters 21st birthday and we are off for a family holiday exploring NYC! We are so excited to see all the sites and we’re even booked to see a baseball match- getting the real American experience. So definitely look out for a post in a few weeks on my trip.

So today I wanted to show you my spring makeup look, this is using a lot of my products in my previous post about my Clinique products but I’m also using a few products I haven’t used in months and there’s some new ones thrown in there too.

So first up I’ve been using my NYX Color Correcting Liquid primer to start. It’s a purple primer that helps with brightening your complextion.

I then use my Clinique concealer on my acne blemishes and under my eyes to cover up my dark circles. I really like this product because I find that it really does help cover my blemishes and dark circles. It makes a massive difference to my skin. It really brightens the area under my eyes straight away!

Next I apply my Clinique foundation called Anti-blemish Solutions in what I believe is their lightest shade. This is also a great product as you don’t need too much on you brush but it has great coverage. I use a real techniques stippling brush at the moment to really blend it in to my skin and the concealer. I will then apply my Clinique translucent powder to set the base makeup.

Once I’ve finished the base makeup I move onto Contour. I have jumped back into using my Sleek contour palette. I used to use this all the time, but then found my love for Benefit Hoola bronzer. So my Sleek palette has become a favourite of mine again this last week. I use the bronzer along my cheek bones and along my hair line, the beautiful bright pink blusher on my cheeks and the amazing highlight just above and just slightly under my eyebrow. I love this product, it goes really nicely with my skin tone, you can really see the highlight perfectly in the light and it all stays on through the day, especially the blush.

Now onto my eyebrows. So I had my eyebrows tinted and waxed by benefit last weekend and I received a free gift on a promotion from them. It’s one of their new products Gimme Brow and I have fallen for it! It’s a lot easier to use than my previous eyebrow product – the pencil – as I used to end up shading too much and they would look different. But with this product you just take the wand over the hairs you have and it fills them in beautifully. It lasts all day and as the wand is also a brush , it brushes through the hairs at the same time, making your eyebrows look great once all filled in.

Another new product next, for my birthday my sister brought me a Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette. I love this because I really do try to keep it simple on a day to day basis. Nude and greys are what I prefer to wear during the day at work and sometimes on the weekends too. So for this look I used the first shade “Skimp” all over my lid and mostly in the inner corners of my eyes, to really brighten it up. I then used “Stark”, the next shade along on my lid. “Frisk” the next shade I used through my crease and outer corner and then used “Cover” to really define the outer corner. “Cover” is actually a lot deeper than you first think looking at it in the palette. If this was a night out look I probably would add a little of the “Undone” dark shade but for a spring day time look I’ve kept it simple. I really like these shades and although they aren’t very bright for a spring look I really like the simplicity of it.

I haven’t been wearing eyeliner too much recently so I haven’t added it into this look as it’s what I would usually wear on a spring day. So next I used my Maybelline mascara, I’ve been using this product for years and love it. Another mascara I sometimes will use as well as my Maybelline one is the Benefit they’re real, but for this look today I’ve just used one.

Finally for my Lipstick, now I did have lots of options to choose from for this look, because I’m wearing a few different options at the moment.


One of which is my Velvet teddy lipstick with my body shop lip balm over the top to make it look like a lip gloss. Even though that is maybe one of my favourites for a work look, this is a spring time makeup look and I wanted to add a little more colour to the look. So today I’m wearing my Benefit Double The Lip in shade Pink Thrills. This has got the darker pinky/red on the point for the lip liner and the main pink shade on the other side. On top of this lip stick I then added my Born Lippy lip balm in Raspberry to add a little bit more gloss to the look. This works so well together, it stays on for hours and is the perfect bright shade for spring! (When I first got the Double the Lip L

ip kit for Christmas, I posted on my blog about them, so take a look –Benefit Big Sexy Lip Kit Review )


All put together it looks like this…….

A great spring time day look, for work or days out. with only a few changes to make it through to night time; a little more bronzer and eyeshadow and maybe a deeper lipstick.

Before you go take a look at some of my previous posts, where you may find some of the products from above:

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Keep an look out for my extra blog posts coming this week!

Thanks for reading



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