Clinique Makeup Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. This week is going to be a little review on my new makeup which I brought last week. If you’ve read some of my previous makeup posts you’ll know that recently I’ve been using the same makeup over and over again and I’m not just getting a little bit bored of it; I’ve also realised I’ve been matched up wrong and the shade of my foundation is completely wrong! I mean I’d look in the mirror and I’d have a very clear orange line along my neck, not attractive! So as I have a new job and the perks of a little more money in the bank I decided if I could find a nice brand that is able to match my very pale skin tone to a foundation then I wouldn’t mind paying that little bit more for something that does what I actually want it to. That is what I’ve found with my new products from Clinique.

First of all is my new foundation ‘Clinique Liquid Makeup Anti-blemish Solutions’ in shade 01, which I think explains how pale I am! I researched before I went into Boots about the best foundation for people with PCOS acne and oily skin and this one was one of the best ones. It’s great for not just covering acne and patchy oily skin but it also helps with the skin. I’ve been using this foundation now for a week and I’m really liking it. It matches my skin tone perfectly (for a change) even though I’m still getting used to looking paler (not orangey.) I also like that you don’t have to apply too much of the foundation but if I’m doing a heavier, evening look you can build onto it and it still doesn’t look too heavy on the skin. So far so good with this foundation, it was exactly what I was looking for, something that matches my skin tone better and for a bonus it helps with covering up acne.

I also brought a concealer ‘Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer’ which has been working it’s magic on covering up my dark circles and my blemishes. At the beginning of the day it looks as though my blemishes have disappeared, but of course without having time to touch up my makeup you can see them by the end of the day. I think it does the job enough. No one can keep blemishes hidden all day and this product definitely does it better than any other product I’ve tried.

Next is my new translucent powder ‘Clinique Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder.’ I suffer from really oily skin which makes me look so shiny during the day, but I really have found this week the difference with this powder. My skin is looking much softer and a lot less oily through the day. I also think it’s been setting my makeup really well and by the end of the day my makeup’s actually still on my face, which means it’s worked it’s magic for me.

Now these three products are the only products I actually brought but with that purchase I received a free bag of small Clinique products to try. I got the ‘Clinique Pep-start Hydro blur Moisturizer.’ When I went into store the lady used this product on me when she tried out the makeup. She mentioned that with my oily skin this would rehydrate but in the best ways, it’s not oily and when I apply it it makes my skin feel amazing and awake to start the day. Because I suffer with really bad dark circles and my eyes constantly look tired she also used the ‘Clinique Pep-start eye cream’ which also came inside the free bag of products. I feel like it doesn’t really change the appearance of my eyes, it does hydrate them and my eyes do feel better with this applied. They feel revived and ready for day. This product was in my recent March favourites post as I really like how this product starts my makeup routine off in the morning and really brightens my eyes. Next up was a mascara ‘Clinique High Impact mascara’ in Black. I must admit it’s not the best mascara I’ve used, as recently I’ve been loving a Benefit mascara, but it does the job. I think the reason I prefer the Benefit mascara is because it makes your lashes longer and fuller and I found with this mascara it’s able to reach all of the lashes and make them all black, but that’s all. It didn’t create longer fuller amazing lashes. Lastly from the little free bag was my new favourite lipstick and you can also find on my March Favourites post ‘Clinique Pop Lip Colour 09 Sweet Pop’ which is a fantastic shade of Pink. This is a great spring shade for your lips and I love wearing it. It stays on for a decent length of time and looks lovely and glossy.

All in all I think I’ve been really lucky with my purchases and so far so good! I’m loving my new natural looking foundation and powder and I love looking in the mirrors in different lights and not seeing orange lines over my face and neck where I’ve tried to match my skin tone. Let me know if you use any of these products or whether you would like to.

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