March Favourites 

It’s my birthday month🎉 which means it’s already April! This year is going very very quickly! So here comes another monthly favourite post….

First up is my new favourite mascara by benefit. It is great! It’s called ‘They’re Real Mascara’ it really makes my lashes look fuller and longer. I’ve started only wearing mascara and no eyeliner, with this mascara it really looks great with no eyeliner. It helps open up my eyes and make them bigger and bolder, this is great considering there’s no eyeliner on my lash line. 

Now this has just become my favourite it’s the new series on Netflix called ’13 reasons why’ which was added just the other day. It’s based on the book and I thought it was really well done and shot. At first I didn’t think I would like it but once I’d watched one episode I was hooked and I needed to find out what happened. Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?

Now to the lighter evenings! Who else is loving that? Going to work in the sunshine and then coming home in the sunshine! It’s bliss and definitely helps with everyone’s good moods.

The most exciting favourite this month is the new Beauty and the Beast film that was realised on 17th March! It’s amazing! I saw it on the night it came out, if you’ve read some of my previous posts you will know how much I love Disney, so you know it was a must see! We also went to see it on Mother’s Day with my mum and again loved it! The music was fantastic and I was singing along to the sound track straight away. I really liked Emma Watson as Belle as well. Have any of you seen it yet?

Lastly my two new favourite Clinque products. I have a new lipstick in the shade 09 Sweet Pop. This lipstick is the perfect spring/ summer shade. It’s a lovely pink shade, it’s more of a glossy texture and look, it lasts all day and is great for day or night looks. The other product is my new eye cream Clinque Pep start which really helps lighten and revive my eyes and makes me look awake in the day even if I feel like all I want to do is sleep. I spent that little bit more for these products but so far it’s worth it.

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Let me know if you’ve used or seen any of my products and what you think!

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