Nail Gel Design

I have just brought a very exciting new nail gel. I’ve never used a nail gel before but I’m already in love with this one. It’s called ‘Elite 99 Nail Gel Chameleon’. It’s purple but in certain lights or depending on how you look at it, it looks green or yellow. It’s so cool to look at. 

To apply you use the base coat of your choice and then using a brush spread the gel over the nail and put under the lamp. The gel comes out very light after the first coat, you have to make sure you use quite a lot of the gel to give it a good coverage on the nail. So once I’d done the second coat it looked great, I finished with a coat of top coat.

(sorry about the horrible nail!)

I love it, it’s sparkly and every time I look at my nails they’re a different colour, pink, purple, green and yellow. It’s so different but I think I’ll be purchasing some more nail gels!

Tell me if you like it and whether you’ve used nail gels before.

Thanks for reading



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