February Favourites 

Hi everyone, another month has past, can you believe it’s March already! It’s time for another favourites post, I never find it hard to find things to fill my favourites posts. I love recapping on my month and sharing what I’ve loved using.

So first up I have my new stand mixer. I’ve treated myself to a new stand mixer and I’ve loved experimenting making cakes and pies. I’ve always enjoyed baking and this is a great tool to use and make it slightly easier. This week my aim is to make a lemon meringue pie and a birthday cake. I really love it and my new stand mixer is definitely a favourite of mine this month!

Another new and exciting hobby of mine that I’m so happy to be getting back into this month has been painting. Painting and drawing has always been a passion of mine. I love being creative, this month I went out and brought a canvas and some new paints and brushes and painted a Disney painting(of course it was Disney.) I loved it! Getting back into hobbies and things I’ve not done for years has been great this month and I feel like I’m becoming me again. This is all down to my new job and I’m so grateful for it. I enjoyed painting my first picture so much I’ve been out to get my second canvas and I’m going to paint my second painting this week.

Next up in my favourites is a film Trolls. I’ve watched this so many times at work but I love it so much I went and brought it for myself. It’s got an amazing cast- Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Cordan and lots more! The songs are great and so catchy. If you’ve not seen it, you need to.

Another favourite this month is my new eyebrow pencil by Benefit. It’s the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in shade 4, which is one of the darker shades but not the darkest of them all. It’s great for shaping my brows and the perfect shade for filling  them in. It gives the perfect definition! 

Lastly my new favourite pair of jeans. I went shopping and had a look in Next! I never shop in Next! But I saw some high waisted blue jeans, tried them on and they fit great! I brought a blue pair and a black pair, love them, so I went back and brought another pair of both colours! Crazy as they are quite expensive, especially compared to my usual pair of new look or top shop jeans, but they fit great. Some of you may understand how hard it is to find a great fitting pair of jeans, so I took the plunge and now own four pairs of Next jeans.

It’s been a busy month at work but I’m so glad I’m getting back into the things I love, my hobbies and enjoying having a life outside of work again. It’s been a great month….

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