Purple Sparkly Nail Design

It has been a while since I’ve written a nail design post and there is a reason for it. Unfortunately about 4 weeks ago I stupidly shut my finger in the door! I know I’m stupid! But because if this I had my finger strapped up so I didn’t make it worse. Then I got over it and to make myself feel better and feel like me again I have painted my nails in a fabulous purple sparkly polish that my boss brought for us to share and just missed out my poorly finger.

So I used my new gel polish from Elite99 in 470, which is a dark purple shade with lots of silver glitter. I was just going to do one coat but it definitely wasn’t dark enough, so once I’d applied the base coat I painted 2 coats of the purple polish and then finished off with my top coat.

I love this new gel polish, its the perfect shade of purple and you know I love sparkle. It’s so easy to apply and it’s not too thin so it didn’t run off the nail into the skin easily. So apart from my horrible nail my nails look great!

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