Top 10 favourite movies

Hi Guys! Who else spends their evenings or weekends watching movies on Netflix or old DVDs with friends or family? I love remiminising and watching the movies we used to love laughing or crying to! My sister and a couple of our best friends have a lot of movie quotes that still make us laugh, or a scene from a movie that we talk about years later. Does anyone else? I’m a really big comedy movie watcher or chick flick, a bit of romance and maybe a few thrillers to. I wanted to share my Top 10 favourite movies with you, let me know if you have any in your top 10 too! I couldn’t put any of them in a particular order because I love them all.

One movie that my sister, our friends and I watched years ago, fell in love with and still watch it and laugh so much about is Grown Ups! You must have seen Grown ups! Adam Sandler is great, and this film is so funny. It’s about different types of families getting together again and going on holiday! Great film to watch with family too. If you’ve not seen this you have to.

Another film which is very similar because it’s super funny is Just got with it. It also stars Adam Sandler and also Jennifer Anniston, who I love. Great comedy for all the family and we still remminise over it and watch and laugh at all the same bits we did years ago. It’s another one of those films that even though I’ve watched it loads before I don’t think I’d say no to watching it again, same as Grown Ups.

Another favourite of mine is The Duff. Bit of a teenage/romance/comedy. Very funny but lots of people can relate to (I know I can.) I think that’s really the reason I love this film, because it’s funny but also reminds me of my school years in a round about way. 

The Hunger Games is another movie I like, I actually like all 4 of them. I liked them so much I asked for the books for a present last year, which I also loved. I found the books explained a lot more about what was happening in the films. I think Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and plays her character Katniss so well! I was going to tell you which ones out of the 4 I like the most, but I honestly can’t decide, they all have such great scenes and storylines.

Burlesque is also a great movie. Christina Agulara is an amazing singer! Everytime I watch this I get goose bumbs when she sings. There is a great storyline behind the singing and dancing and a great film to watch with your friends. Footloose which another favourite of mine the 2011 movie, is another great cast with Julianne Hough, I love her films. Footloose is a classic; it’s a romance but with a lot of dancing! Great storyline and perfect ending too.

Now you know how much I like Disney so I couldn’t do a movie post without adding some Disney Movies in too. So my favourite Disney Princess is Cinderella, I love this movie and the 2 after. It’s magical and beautiful! I love the quote that – “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” It might be the reason most women love buying lots of shoes 🙂

So although when I was younger (and I guess now too) I loved just watching the princess movies, I also love films like Finding Nemo, The Princess Diaries 1+2 and Mary Poppins. Finding Nemo is a great film and now followed by Finding Dory it’s fantastic! Another film that you can laugh to whenever you quote it.

So the most recent film that I’m loving is the Trolls movie! I love Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, the music is perfect and makes you want to belt it out and dance along! The rest of the cast is great to including people like James Cordan, Gwen Stafani and Russel Brand. I’ve watched it so many times at work and I ordered it for myself because I love it. Another Anna Kendrick film I love is Pitch Perfect 1+2. Definitely another favourite of mine! It’s so funny and has some great songs. I really can’t wait for number 3 to come out later this year.

So they are my favourite movies at the moment, the films that I will never get tired of watching. Now looking back at these choices most of them include singing or/and dancing!! 
Let me know if you like any of the same movies as me….

Thank for reading




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