Top 5 Beauty Products

I love doing my make up and experimenting with different products and shades. For this post I wanted to share my top 5 beauty products that I love to use and believe work every time.

First up we have my Hoola Bronzer. You will know from my previous make up posts that I love this bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics. It’s great for a quick bronze for a daily look and also great for a night out contour look. It lasts such a long time. I’ve had mine for around 3 years and it’s still going! It’s definitely one of my favourites.


Another favourite of mine is my L’Oréal perfect match concealer. I use this product everyday. It’s great at covering up any blemishes and one of the products I use underneath my eyes to brighten my dark circles. It’s a great product, it doesn’t last as long as the Hoola Bronzer but it does last a while. I usually buy this in Natural Beige. Great match for my skin tone.


My Benefit Brow Zings have got to be in my top 5 products! I use this product everyday as well, which you will know if you’ve seen any of my other beauty posts. This products is also lasting me years. The powder and wax together help my eyebrows stay amazing all day and it doesn’t come off until you use make up remover to remove it. I love it!


Next up is my Born Lippy by The Body Shop in Raspberry. I love this product, when my lips are dry or sore, I always reach for this. I keep it in my coat pocket so I always have it with me. It tastes and smells amazing, and it’s in the perfect little pot so you are able to carry it with you wherever you go. I’m going to have to pick myself up another one pretty soon as this one is used so much it’s running out. img_6911

Lastly at number 5 we have my makeup remover. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin. A lot of people I know also use this product. I’ve been using this for year too. Putting some of this remover on a few cotton pads at the end of the day to remove my make up and cleanse my skin is perfect. It really works, and it also lasts months! You can buy little travel bottles to, to take away with you. It doesn’t contain any perfumes or anything nasty for your skin; once it’s applied my skin feels so soft and clean.


These are definitely my top 5 Beauty Products, do any of you agree with any of them? I would recommend all of these products to you.

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