Benefit Cosmetics Make Up Look

Christmas may seem like a long time ago now but I received so much make up for Christmas I thought I was put it all together in a make up look to show you all. Most of the products are from Benefit as I’m sure my mum thinks that’s the only makeup I wear! I went for more of a night out look so I could really see what it all looks like.

First of all if any of you have read my previous make up looks you will know the first few products I use. I always use my L’Oréal Primer, Foundation, Powder  and Concealer. I’ve never had any problems with these products and I think they match my skin really well. It does the job. If anyone has any suggestions of other great skin makeup brands, let me know. I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut; I love these products but also feel like I need a change. (Or just more make up!)

Once I’d applied primer, foundation, concealer and powder I went straight onto my contour. I used my new Benefit Blushin Babe Kit, which includes 4 blushes, Hoola bronzer, Watts Up Highlighter, an eyeliner and a mascara. Great kit! I used the Hoola bronzer, the Coralista Blusher and the Watts Up Highlighter from the kit. All the blushes are slightly different and great for any occasion. You get so much in the kit and I’m sure it will last a very long time.

Next was eyebrows and of course I used my Benefit Brow Zings… It’s still going!

Eyeshadow was next and I didn’t get any eyeshadow for Christmas but I used my Nude Palette from Maybelline. I used the last 4 shades in the palette. The darker shade that I put through my crease is a dark green, I thought it was a little different to what I usually wear so I went for the change.


Eyeliner next, I didn’t use the eyeliner in the Benefit Blushin Babe kit because I always use my Maybelline eyeliner. The eyeliner went straight across my top lid and then I used my new Benefit Tinted Primer and Mascara. They’re real tinted primer and They’re real mascara are both Benefit make up products. So far they work great, the tinted primer goes on first, I think this is supposed to make the mascara last longer, and the mascara (which I now have 4 of in 2 different shades) follows making my lashes look long and fabulous.

To finish off the look the lipstick I chose was the new Benefit lipsticks which I showed you in my post Benefit Big Sexy Lip Kit Review. In this look I used the Revved Up Red shade. A nice bold red to really show you what it looks like. The lip liner shade is a burgundy/deep red and the lip shade is a strong red lip.

All together it creates a great night out look, not too over the top but a great use of all my new products…..



Let me know if you have any of the products above and what you think of them.

‘Tan’ Pigment Makeup Look

Christmas Party Makeup Look 💃🏻🎄

Thanks for reading



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