Tropix Shellac Nail Design

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the new follows on my blog! I love that people are enjoying what I’m writing. It’s been a while now since my last nail design update. If you haven’t seen any of my previous nail design posts I’ll link some for you to see below. I love doing my nails and experimenting with different nail art and colours. I didn’t have much time to do too much this time around so I’ve kept it simple but I love the colour and design as a whole so it’s perfect.

I use shellac polish remover on a cotton pad wrapped in foil on each nail to soak off the previous shellac nail polish. After 10-20 mins I use my nail scraper to remover the remaining old polish. Using my nail file next to prepare the nail for the next design. Once the nail if soft and shaped and ready for the next design I use a hand sanitizer to get rid of any dust on the nails, to ensure there’ll be no bumps of dust in the next design.

Base coat is first, doing nails on yourself is tricky because obviously you have to do one hand at a time. So once the base coat is applied on one hand, it then goes in the lamp and then you do the next hand. Once I’d applied the base coat, I applied Tropix. This is like a deep coral/orange colour. This is more of a summer colour but I wanted a change from the deep reds and purples that Autumn/ Winter brings. I needed something bright. I applied two coats of Tropix to all of my nails.


Next I applied the top coat to all my nails apart from the little finger. The reason being I wanted to add glitter to the little finger but didn’t want to get it on the rest of the nails, so a little tip, finish the rest of the fingers first and then go back to the glitter fingers, so the glitter doesn’t stick to the other nails. Once the top coat was applied and dried under the lamp, I used Gel Wipe Off, which takes away the stickiness from the nails once they’re finished. I added my silver glitter to my little fingers to add some sparkle to the simple design. Applying top coat on to the glitter and then drying under the lamp then finishes the look. Then finishing with the gel wipe off on the final nails.

This is what it looked like all finished….


I really like the bright colour for this simple design, especially because I’ve been using lots of reds recently because of Autumn coming and Christmas! It’s the perfect design for when your running out of time and just need to get the nails painted!

I hope you like this design, if you’d like to see some of my other designs, including all of my Christmas designs, please take a look….

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