December Favourites

Happy New Year everyone!!! I can’t believe it’s come around already! It’s 2017 and I hope you all had a great time celebrating the New Year in. I thought before we get too far into the new year I would go through my December favourites.

First of all my polaroid camera. These are very popular, Instax Camera, which I received as a present in April for my 21st birthday. I love this camera, it’s so fun catching things in the moment and then you have an instant photo. I love having photos around my room, little memories to look back on, so this is perfect for me. I used this so much over Christmas and New Year this past week. It’s defiantly one of my favourites this month because it’s so fun having a laugh and taking photos, making memories with friends and family.

Another favourite this month is my Yankee Candle. I have many candles in my room, but this candle I got for Christmas from my sister, in the scent Lavender. Such a lovely scent! I think is my new favourite (until I start the next one, I’m sure).

Another thing that has been great through December is Christmas films. The run up to Christmas is so much fun! Christmas films are one of my favourite things, Elf, The Holiday, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, The Miracle on 34th Street, Jingle all the way! I loved watching these films through the season and getting me in the Christmas spirit. Elf and Miracle on 34th Street are some of my favourites. I could sit there and watch Christmas films all day!

My Makeup favourite this past month has to be my L’Oréal La Palette Nude, which I got free with another purchase at the L’Oréal counter. This palette has a range of different nude shades, that have been perfect for the Christmas season to create some great smoky eyes. Take a look at my Christmas Party makeup look where I use the palette – here.


Christmas has been amazing this year and a massive part of my favourite part of December! From being with my family to eating way too much and to receiving some amazing presents. For me I love to give presents! I couldn’t wait for my sister to open her World series Monopoly as we are loving Monopoly at the moment! My secret Santa at work I knew would love her present so I couldn’t wait to see her face when she opened it, to me it’s totally changed; when I was young it was all about opening the presents finding out what I could play with and use. Now that I’m older I love putting time and thought into peoples presents and giving them to the family and friends who I know will love them. But this year Christmas was kind of another thought until the day. On Christmas Eve I left my job, having worked there for almost 3 years and working my 4 weeks notice, I finished. It was the hardest decision for me because I worked with the most amazing team! I start my new job this week and I’m so excited!! I’m going to miss the peoples I worked with so much but I know deep down that this change is what I need and that’s so important. So December has been such an important part of 2016 for me. Getting a new job at the end of November, but then trying to spend as much time with my best friends at work for the last few weeks and having a great time, not looking at the bad but enjoying the fun and happy times! Now on to new and exciting opportunities in 2017……..

Happy New Year, may 2017 be another amazing year!!


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4 thoughts on “December Favourites

  1. I really want a Polaroid but have never got round to buying one! I definitely need to! Amazing post,I’ve followed and it would mean so much if you followed back! X

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