Final Christmas Nail Design #4

It’s almost Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone! It is finally my last Christmas nail design, I have loved experimenting with different colours and nail art designs this year. I’ve really tried my hardest to create some lovely designs. Here are my other designs I have tried this year…



Christmas Nails #1




Christmas Nails #2






Christmas Nails #3







Now onto my 4th and final Christmas nails design. This took me about 2 to 2.5 hours to actually complete, including stripping from the last design and prepping the nails, but the nail art took a lot of time because it’s all free hand.

So once the nails are ready to go and all prepped I start with the base coat. On my ring finger and middle finger I used my Studio White so thatΒ I could create some nail art. On all other fingers I used my favourite red and Christmassy colour Rose Brocade. Now to make sure they were the perfect base I had to do two coats of them.

On my middle finger I used Rose Brocade to create a snowflake. In my previous designs the snowflake has been my favourite nail art. Using my dotting tool I made a long line down the middle of my nail and then another line vertically through the middle of the first line. Then making two more lines through the middle of the first 2 lines like an x shape. Then making to v shapes on each line and adding a dot at the end of each, I created a great snowflake.

On my index finger I created a Santa suit. With the Rose Brocade base I used Studio White and my dotting tool to make a line down the middle of the nail and then a large area at the bottom of my nail to act as the bottom of his coat. Once this was perfect I put it in the lamp so I could make a belt for the suit. Using my black colour Black Pool and my dotting tool I made a line vertically over the nail and then made a square around the middle of the line. Creating a little Santa suit.

On my ring finger I added some silver glitter. Always have to have sparkle at Christmas and it’s a bit like snow to. I then finished it all off with top coat.

Here is what it looks like al finished….


I really like this design, perfect for Christmas! It took a while to create but I really like the end results. I hope you like this design and all of my other Christmas designs to. Tell me which one is your favourite below!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will be posting next week.

Thanks for reading




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