Christmas Party Makeup Look 💃🏻🎄

Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been talking about Christmas now for so long, and it’s finally coming around! Just a few days left, who else is excited? Well it’s that time again Christmas parties, the celebrations just before Christmas that really put everyone in the Christmas mood, having a great time with friends or/and family. This year I had the best work Christmas Party, we all got dolled up and went to a restaurant and had a 3 course meal and then it turns into a bar and there’s music and you get to dance on the stage and the tables! It’s was amazing, we all loved it, especially as there was about 30 of us. On this post I wanted to show you my makeup look for my Christmas Party, slightly more glam than usual.

First of all I used my L’Oréal True Match Primer, Foundation and Powder. I know I always use these products but I think they work great, they’re a great match to my pale skin tone and they do the job. I also went for a little more coverage for this look. Once I’d used the powder and set the makeup, I went straight onto eyebrows, again using the same product as usual Browzings from Benefit. Great product and as I’d just had my eyebrows waxed, once they were filled in they looked great. I wanted to make sure they were quite dark and full but still had a great shape.

Next up was eyeshadow. The aim was to go for a dark eye look and natural lips. I used a new palette for this look. I actually got it for free at the L’Oréal counter with another purchase. It’s the Beige palate with some great natural shades. I used the second shade in the palate all over my eye lid, which is a great light pink/beige shade to start off the look. I used the 8th and 9th shade together through the crease of my lid and under my eye along the lower lash line which, made a darker brown sparkly shade. In the outer corners for more definition I used my Urban Decay eyeshadow in shade Moonspoon. This shade is a dark grey/black with glitter. Perfect for the Christmas Party look.  This really finished of off the eye shadow really nicely.

Once the eye shadow was finished I used my black liquid liner Maybelline Master Precise and black mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational. The black mascara I’m using at the moment is amazing, it really makes my eyelashes look so much longer and really makes me look awake! I then concealed under my eyes using L’Oréal True Match Concealer. I left this until now just in case any of the eyeshadow dropped, especially as I was using darker shades. I used my L’Oréal concealer.

Contour next and I used my Tanya Burr Contour stick and Highlight Stick and for extra definition I used my Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. I love using a little extra bronzer to really define my cheek bones, especially if I’m going out. I also put some of this down my neck and on the top of my chest as I was wearing a thin strap dress and I didn’t to be two different colours 😉

I added a little bit of lipstick to the look as well to finish it all of. I used my MAC Lipstick Kinda Sexy. It’s a nude shade as I didn’t want to over do it on the lips as I went for a darker eye shadow. I also knew I’d be eating a big meal and didn’t fancy getting red lipstick everywhere. Always think ahead!

I really like this look and it was perfect for my Christmas Party, you could defiantly match with a red lipstick for a little more of a Christmas feel. I had my hair straight and a great little black dress with black heels.

This is what it looked like all finished…….

Hope you liked this makeup look! If you did please like the post and follow me for more makeup looks in the new year.

I have one more post before Christmas comes, so look out for the last of my Christmas nail designs!

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