Christmas Nails #2

It’s that time of year so now another Christmas nails design, I’m loving experimenting with different Christmas designs. With my last Christmas nails I went with something quite subtle but this time I wanted to use a really Christmassy colour, a nice bold red.

Firstly I used Rose Brocade on all nails apart from my ring finger.  On my ring finger I used Studio White. I love Rose Brocade, it’s a great deep red that is quite rich and really stands out. On my ring finger I used Rose Brocade to create a snowflake, I love drawing snowflakes so thought this was an easy design to start with. Using my dotting tool I drew the snowflake, which I think has turned out really nice.

On my middle finger I used my silver glitter to really make this design sparkle and I think Christmas is a great time of year for sparkle and glitter so on top of the red shade I’ve already applied the glitter looks great!

Finished off with top coat this is what the design looks like…..


I love this Christmassy design, still not to Christmassy but still a great look for this time of year running up to Christmas. I can’t wait to show you my next design coming up, a real Christmas nails design!

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