Evening Makeup Look

Hi Guys! I was experimenting with some of my eye shadows and make up and came up with an evening/night out make up look. Something just a little more fancy than the everyday makeup.

Firstly I used my primer and foundation, I must admit for an evening look I use a little more foundation for better coverage. I dabbed the primer down my nose and worked into the skin from the middle of my face outwards. Using my Zoeva buffer brush I applied my L’Oréal Perfect Match Foundation in circular motions until it was all blended in. I then added my new powder, L’Oréal Perfect Match Setting Powder to set the skin.

I went in with my Brow Zings next. For an evening/night out look I love having very strong, defiant brows. I made sure they were nice and dark and had a perfect arch shape. img_5696

Once my brows were perfect I went onto the eyes. I love experimenting with eye shadows and where to put each colour, which shade to use etc. So for this look I used a MAC palette of mine, Burgundy Times Nine. I used the shade Honey Lust all over my lid and Sketch through my crease and under my lower lash line. I wanted to create a smoky eye and using Honey Lust added a little glamour as it’s a light slightly sparkly shade. Once this was all blended I used concealer. I used this after eye shadow because I didn’t want any eye shadow to drop and then smudge under my eye on my concealer. I used my L’Oréal Perfect Match La Touche Magique to conceal under my eyes and any blemishes I had.

Next it was onto eyeliner. Maybelline Master Precise, I created a thicker line than usual with a flick at the edges. I find the thicker line really helps define my eye and this product is so easy to use to create the perfect eyeliner shape. You could use a pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line but I found this doesn’t really suit me so I didn’t do that on this look but it’s something that would work for a night out make up. Maybelline Lash Sensational is my mascara which I used in this look. It really separates the lashes and makes them look extra long. Great for an  evening look.img_5697


I went onto Contour now. I used my Tanya Burr cosmetics for this look; Golden Girl went under my cheek bones and up around my forehead to create a great bronzed colour. I then used the Benefit  Rockateur for blusher which I applied on my cheek bones and then for highlight I used Tanya Burr Forever Summer above the blush for a nice glow.


Lastly I used my favourite lipstick for this look. Captive by MAC. Great for Autumn/Winter and goes really nicely with the eye shadow burgundy’s that I used. You could use a red lipstick with this look to, or a nude maybe depending on what your up to. img_5694

All together this is what it looks like (unfortunately the lighting in my house isn’t perfect sorry)…..


I really like this look, I love having great brows and great eyeliner. With the perfect hair and outfit this is a great evening/night out look.

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Hope you like this make up look to!

Thanks for reading!





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