Christmas Nails #1

It’s time to get the Christmassy blog posts started! I love Christmas and for me it’s been Christmas for a week at work already so this couldn’t come any sooner. I thought I would start the Christmas season off with a subtle Christmas nail design, as for some people it may be too soon, but I thought I’d give it a go and I love how it’s turned out!

I started with the base coat and then went in with a light pink shade called ‘Cake Pop.’ This colour is a very good base for this design and once I’ve applied just one coat I went on top of that with ‘Strawberry Smoothie’, which is still a light pink shade but has a sparkle to it to. The two colours pretty much match in colour but I wanted a little bit more of a sparkly colour on top as it is Christmas. I applied two coats of ‘Strawberry Smoothie’ for extra great coverage.

Once the nail polish was applied I popped some of my white, ‘Studio white’ onto a tissue so I could use it for a design on one nail. Using my dotting tool I created a snowflake on my middle finger coming out from the corner. I drew three longer lines coming from the corner of the nail. From these lines I created little lines coming from them and then finished with dots at the end of them, creating half a snowflake.

Once I’d finished the nail art I applied top coat to 4 nails, every nail apart from my ring finger. I made sure I’d finished all of the other nails before I moved onto the ring finger as I wanted to add some glitter. If I don’t finish the other nails the glitter may get stuck to the other nails and I didn’t want that to happen. Once the other nails were finished I applied my silver nail glitter to my ring fingers and then finished those nails off with top coat.

For my first Christmas nails I think this design is perfect, it didn’t take long to do and it’s not too Christmassy, as it is only the beginning of November! I love drawing snowflakes so I knew I wanted to add one into my design and you know how much I love sparkle and glitter so that had to be in the design somewhere to.

Here is what it looks like once it’s all finished….


Let me know if you try this design or if you have any other Christmas nail designs.

Take a look at my other ‘Strawberry Smoothie’ nail design here.

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