Lush bath bomb ‘Intergalactic’

Hi guys! I had an amazing bath the other night, I used one of my Lush bath bombs and it was so cool to watch as it bubbled and basically exploded in the bath, I thought I would show you what it was like.

I used the bath bomb called ‘Intergalactic.’ It’s full of all different colours, greens, pinks and blues.

I started running my bath and then threw it and it really did start to explode! It looked like it was bubbling and you could see all the different colours coming out of it as it went round the bath in the current of the water. It smelt amazing, I was trying to think about what it smelt like, but I couldn’t actually think of anything, it did smell great but I think it’s a unique smell, it was very relaxing. The only thing it was missing was bubbles but you don’t need bubbles all the time and the bath bomb had a fab smell so that was all I needed.  Another thing I liked was the glitter, gold glitter all around the bath, perfect for this time of year, only thing is it was all in the bottom of the bath once I’d run all the water out. It took a while to get all of it out.

Here is what it looked like when I dropped it in the water…..

I definitely recommend this lush product, it’s so relaxing and great to watch once in the water, with all the great colours swirling round the water!

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