My Morning Routine

Hi guys! I’ve been so busy at work this week I haven’t had a lot of writing time but I wanted to share my morning routine with you all, as I find everyone’s days can be so different even if you have the same goal of getting to work or school. Here’s a little insight to what my normal working day morning entails.


First of all if I’m on a normal shift of 8am-5.30pm at work then I’m up at 6am. I will always go straight to my phone and have a little catch up on social media to see what’s been happening while I’ve been asleep. Which can sometime mean me laying in bed looking at my phone for about 10 minutes. Then straight into the shower, I use Elvive Volumising Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair, which I think totally works. Once I stopped using these products and my hair went so thin and silky you could tell the difference so I went straight back. I use Radox Moisturise for body wash, this comes in so many different scents, and they smell amazing. I then get out the shower and use Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to wash my face. This has helped me out so much with my acne (which you can read about here.) I lastly use Oral B Tooth paste.


I quickly get dressed next using Mitchum and Impulse deodorants. Once I’m all dressed it’s onto hair and makeup. My hair is quite thin so I find it doesn’t take too long to dry, once it’s dry I usually put it in a plait for work. Everyday Makeup Look is what I usually do for my day at work. Something simple. For my skin care I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, Garnier Moisturiser and the No7 Lift and Luminate Eye Cream.


Once my make up is done I’ll go downstairs for breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal and then I’ll make a sandwich to take to work for lunch.

Finally the finishing touches, trainers, jacket and make a bottle of drink and then I’m off to work at 7:30am; the joys of an early shift! I get asked a lot why I get up so early, I usually leave an hour and a half to get ready because I take so long to do everything, I get distracted very easily so I might watch a YouTube video or a programme or listen to music while I’m getting ready and doing my make up which means I’m really not concentrating on anything! Also the rest of my family use the shower from 6:30 onwards so if I get in early enough I’ve got enough time to get ready and not have to worry about being rushed. I hate being rushed and being late, that makes me panic.

In the winter its the hardest and anyone that works an early shift will know, leaving in the dark in the mornings is horrible. Then coming home in the dark as well, I don’t get to see day light through the winter which is difficult but now with the autumn sun it’s beautiful.

Once I jump into the car it takes about 15 minutes to drive to work. Which is great, where I live it’s all through the back roads so there’s hardly any traffic.

That’s a quick run through of my morning routine, is your routine anything like mine?

Thanks for reading





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