October Favourites 

Hi guys! Welcome back to another favourites post. This month I’ve got a few new favourites that I thought I would share my love for with you all. Mostly just beauty items that I’ve picked up for a change and have fallen in love with.

First up is my new perfume. My parents went away and picked this item up for me along the way. Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush Perfume. I really like the packaging for this product, it is a lot if you want to take it away with you in your handbag but I really like the colours of the flowers and how it’s designed. I really like the smell of this perfume to, it smells like fresh flowers 🌺. 

Another favourite of mine is a new eye cream I’ve started using just in the past week. Number 7 lift and luminate eye cream. I started using this product because I’ve started getting dry skin around my eyes and I’ve always had dark circles around my eyes. Well since using this product I no longer have dry skin around my eyes and the redness above my eyes has cleared up and my dark circles are starting to look a lot lighter. I haven’t been using this for long but I can already see a difference!

Another fab product this month is my Zoella Lazy Days candle.  I love burning this candle, it smells amazing. It’s so relaxing! It looks great and smells great. Perfect for a lazy day/night in. 

My Tanya Burr Cosmetics highlighter and bronzer are another favourite of mine. Their both so easy to blend in once applied and so pigmented. The highlighter I just pop at the top of my cheek bones and the bonzer I put on just under my cheek bones and up past my temples and slightly onto my forehead. I usually blend with my finger but I do have a blusher brush that I can use to blend the bronzer in as well. What I love is that once these products are applied I look naturally sun kissed because the bronzers not too dark. Perfect for the everyday look but can also be transformed into an evening look to.

This month I’ve been able to have a few girly nights in with my sisters and a couple of friends and we got out the old board games we used to play when we were younger. Disney Monopoly was our favourite we have played this so much this month and I haven’t won any games. I’m not very good but it’s still a lot of fun, it reminds us of our childhood, can anyone else relate?

My last favourite is my favourite outfit for Autumn. I have a loved wearing my boots again. My long sleeved black top with my long grey jacket I have loved to wear on days out with friends and family. It’s great for a quick easy outfit that still looks pretty. 

I’ve had a great October trying new products. Let me know if any of you have tried these products and also love them.

Thanks for reading!



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