Zoella Lifestyle Unboxing

Hi Guys! This week I received another great package. I brought myself some Zoella products from here new Lifestyle range. I got very excited to see the products I brought I thought I would show you guys.

Firstly I brought 2 candles! I love candles and I use them a lot through Autumn/Winter time so I knew as soon as they were released that I would be purchasing some. I brought myself ‘Lazy Days’ and ‘Daisy Picking’.


The packaging is beautiful. For ‘Daisy Picking’ the box is a yellow colour with small white daisy’s on and as you open the box the inside is like a meadow of daisy’s, is gorgeous. For ‘Lazy Days’ the box is like a grey tone, I think it’s supposed to symbolise a pillow or duvet cover. As you open the box it’s a picture of basically what a lazy day is all about, sitting on the sofa with a cuppa in you pyjamas.

The actual candle it’s self is very simple but beautiful, on the front of the candle it’s got the name, I really like the font and placement of the name and then it’s got Zoella written at the bottom.

Now the smell of both of the candles are gorgeous and basically smells like what it is. I don’t really know how to explain the scent of ‘Lazy Days’ because it’s smells like relaxation, I think this is my favourite and I’ll be using this most nights or when I’m in the bath. ‘Daisy Picking’ to me smells lovely just like flowers and I’ll probably use this in the days when I’m at home.



The other product I brought from this range is the weekly planner. When I saw this I thought it would be perfect for planning blog posts, dinners, and little outings/day trips. It’s got 3 small sets of post it notes and one set of bigger post it notes called note to self. Next to those is the big plans section, which is a list section, perfect for shopping list or to do lists.

On the other side is the weekly planning area. On each day there’s are daytime and night-time area to write a little about what’s happening in each area of the day. The night time area is perfect to write what’s for tea each night and the daytime area is perfect for what work shift I’m doing or what things I’ve got planned for that day. In the corner of the page there’s a highlights of the week and next week’s goals area. It’s going to be interesting to see what I end up writing in that little part each week.

I love the design of this planner. The use of rose gold is great, ‘she designed a life she loved’ is a perfect quote to have on the front and looks fab in that style. I really like that it’s small, it can fit in most of my handbags just in case I need it, or the perfect size to keep on the side in my house for when I do need it.

The post its and list maker is a great idea to. Making lists is so good when I’ve got a lot on my mind and need to remember. I love that you can rip off the pages and start again and you don’t have to worry about finding the right page, like in a diary.

All in all I love these Zoella Lifestyle products and I think I’ll be using them a lot.

Let me know if you have any of the new products and what you think.

Thanks for reading!




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