Autumn Tree Nail Design

Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying Autumn this year. I came up with a nail design I hope you’re going to like. I used one of my favourite nail polish shades and then made it into a great autumn tree design.

First of all I used ‘Rose Brocade’ on all nails apart from my middle finger where I used my white polish. To make sure the colours come out perfect I always make sure I do two coats of paint. This is all I wanted to do on my 4 red nails, but on the middle finger which so far is only white, I wanted to create an Autumn tree. It was quite tricky but I think it turned out pretty good.

First of all I used my black shade ‘Black Pool’ for the tree trunk, I know a tree trunk is brown but I don’t have a brown shade so black was the next best. I carefully used my dotting tool to create a straight line from the bottom to half way up in the middle of the nail. Next I used ‘Rose Brocade’, ‘Bicycle Yellow’, Lobster Roll’, ‘Scarlett Letter’ and ‘Fine Vermillion.’ I used ‘Lobster Roll’ and ‘Fine Vermillion’ for the orange shades in the Autumn tree, ‘Bicycle Yellow’ is the yellow for Autumn and then ‘Rose Brocade’ is a lighter, brighter red and ‘Scarlett Letter’ is more of a burgundy, deep red shade.


To apply these colours I used my dotting tool to make it look like leaves all over the top of my nail. I even did different coloured dots as if the leaves where falling off the tree and already on the ground, around the bottom of my nail. I made sure there where all the different colours and shades all over the top of the nail to make sure it looked bright and colourful, like an autumn tree. It’s quite difficult to keep a steady hand to do the dots but I took it slowly and tried my best to not make a mistake.

To finish I used ‘Black Pool’ to make it look like there were some branches in the tree that can be seen. I did this on both hands and then finished off with a top coat on all nails.

I really like the finished nail design even if some people don’t have a clue what it looks like (my sister.)

Here’s the finished design….


I hope you like them, give it a go! I love them for Autumn.

Thanks for reading!






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