Autumn Makeup Look

Hi Guys! Well as you all know from my previous blog post I love Autumn. A lot of people liked my everyday makeup look so I thought I would put it together and show you what makeup I like to wear on my days off, out and about in Autumn. img_4525


First of all I start with my primer, the ‘L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer.’ I also used this in my Everyday Makeup Look. It creates a great base for my make up and makes my skin really soft before adding make up.





I then put on foundation. In this post I thought I would use a different foundation. I have the ‘Bourjois Radiance Reveal Foundation, in light vanilla.’ This product smells amazing, it’s like a really nice perfume smell, I love it. It’s a great match for my skin and gives a great glow as well.



Next up concealer. I also use the same concealer everyday. When you find a product that works for you, you just stick to it. You know it’s going to work and it does exactly what you need it to. I use the ‘Erase Paste’ mixed with ‘High Beam’ both from benefit, for my dark circle under my eyes. The ‘True Match LaTouche Magique’ from L’Oréal I use for my blemishes.


Once I’ve covered up anything I don’t want seen, I powder. img_4977I’ve been using my ‘Revlon Photo ready powder in Fair 010.’ I haven’t been using this for long but I find it’s not too thick on my skin which is a great plus. It’s good at hiding blemishes and setting the make up. It’s a good match of colour as well, the only thing with this product I would change is the packaging. It’s just slightly too big to slip into a clutch bag or a side pocket in a bag to take out with me. But other than that great product.




I then go into contouring. Today I used the ‘Hoola Brozer by Benefit.’ This is a great product for bronzing. So many people I know use this product. It’s great in summer for an extra bronzed look and I think in Autumn it’s great to add a bit of blush for the rose gold look. So today I put this all over, under my cheek bones, round my temples and then my forehead and down my neck. To add to it I added some ‘Rockateur Blush by Benefit.’ I applied this to the apples of my cheeks to add a bit of Autumn colour. I really like the colour of this blush and when you apply it, it’s not too pink, you can tell you’ve got blusher on but it’s not too out there which I like. I then added some highlighter, I used the ‘Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter’ which I got in the advent calendar last year. Great little product to add a little glam to the look with a bit of sparkle.



img_4528Next up is brows and I love having dark eyebrows, quite square with this Autumn look. Using ‘Benefit Brow Zings’ in shade dark. Starting with filing in from the middle creating a square look, which is pretty much what my brows are naturally like. Without this stage their all over the place in the morning. I like them quite dark so adding the wax from the pallet makes them that slight bit darker. I love my Brow Zings and will never be without it.





After brows it’s time for eyes and today I used one of my favourite MAC pallets that I have. ‘Burgandy Times Nine’ is full of great shades and burgundy is my favourite shade for Autumn. Today I used the 3 shades at the bottom of the pallet. ‘Haux’ with a mixture of the top left shade ‘Honey Lust’ all over the lid. I then added my favourite shade ‘Star Violet’ which is a img_4980burgundy colour with a hint of sparkle, through the crease, finally adding ‘Sketch’ a dark burgundy shade in the outer corners to give it that extra definition and colour. I also took this shade under the lower lash line. This pallet is great for a simple day time look or you can add the dark sparkly shade ‘#Noir’ for a going out look!





Final stages eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. img_4534For eyeliner I use the ‘Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner.’ Great eyeliner for creating a small line or creating that perfect flick. The only thing about this eyeliner I find is it’s very wet and takes a while to dry, so every morning I get the imprint of eyeliner on the top of my lid. Other than that I really like this product, it’s very easy to work with.



My mascara is a ‘Max Factor’ product, ‘False Lash Effect’ is great for anything, although maybe not a false lash effect it still looks great with any look and much better than most mascaras I’ve tried. Great wand to reach all lashes.  I also find this product can last a long time but only problem I find is it’s not really waterproof and mascara under my eyes is not a great look.






Lastly my all time favourite lipstick! ‘Captive by MAC’ is my favourite lipstick and I’ve spoken about it in previous posts. It is such a great shade for Autumn and goes great with the eyeshadow in todays look. Even though I may not wear it  with this eyeshadow all the time for this reason. It stays on all day even when you’ve eaten. I have been waiting to wear this shade for months because it’s just the perfect Autumn shade. It matches my burgundy clothes that I wear throughout Autumn/Winter and I would definitely recommend it. It looks slightly more purple in the picture but it is more of a burgundy shade once applied.


Well all of this put together looks like this…



I love this makeup look for an everyday look (when I’m not at work 🙂 )  it’s perfect for a girly day out or visiting family or friends, and with the added sparkle and lipstick it makes me feel a little bit more dressed up than the everyday makeup look. With the added colour from the eyeshadow and lipstick it really does feel like Autumn.

Take a look at my other posts, Autumn Is Here 🍂☀️ and Everyday Makeup Look.

Thanks for reading, hope you like it!






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