Autumn Is Here 🍂☀️

Hi guys! It is officially Autumn!! I’m so excited, Autumn is my favourite time of year! Jumpers, boots, the colours, I love love love it! The crisp sunny mornings☀️🍂. The leaves changing and falling, crunching on the ground!  I love waking up on my day off from work and snuggling under my duvet because there’s a slight chill outside and I don’t want to get up. Staying in bed that little bit longer because outside of your bed you know it’s not as good! I wanted to show you my favourite style and beauty for Autumn.

Firstly I love Autumn clothes! I cannot wait to put my big jumpers and boots on. I also have a brown leather jacket which I find great to wear out in the day because it looks great with so many outfits. Lipstick is a great thing to wear with autumn clothes. My MAC shade ‘Captive’ is great for autumn.

I have (like many girls) a lot of shoes. My favourites are my boots and obviously through summer you can’t wear boots, so as Autumn has arrived this past week they have come out of the cupboards and I’ve been wearing them.img_4646


I’ve got my burgundy converse which I actually brought while out in America last year. This colour is my favourite autumnal colour, so I do wear them quite a lot. Not just in the Autumn but all year round. Next the boots. I think I’ve got a slight obsession with boots. My brown ankle boots I’ve had the longest, I match these with my brown leather jacket, and wear out in the day time quite a bit. My black boots I love, if I’m going out in the evening then you can match them with black jeans and a nice top. In the day I match them with blue jeans and a grey jacket or cardigan. I also like the little heel that they have so you can dress them up, but it’s not too big so you don’t feel too dressed up if you wear them through the day. Now onto my UGG Boots, they were a Christmas present from my family last year, I am the most excited about wearing these again, they are so comfy! So soft inside and they go with everything! Perfect for Autumn winter and possible spring, especially in England! My Hunter wellie boots I got for my 21st Birthday this year as a present. Another great thing for Autumn/ Winter weather. I love going for walks in the woods by my house and you can wear them even if your going out and about for the day, their comfortable and easy to find an outfit to match. Blue jeans and a hoodie, sorted.

Well that’s shoes, clothes, another thing a girl can’t have too many off. Autumn means new colours and designs in the shops. Here’s a few outfits that I love for Autumn….


First we’ve got my go to look. Blue jeans, burgundy jumper, brown jacket and brown boots. I also love to add my favourite scarf to finish off the look. It’s perfect for a day shopping, or going to see friends/family. Sometimes I even add ‘Captive’ MAC Lipstick if I was going out somewhere nice or for little added colour and Autumn feel.

The next outfit is my new grey sleeveless jacket from New Look, paired with a long-sleeved black top, jeans and black boots. I love this outfit for a not so cold day but when you still need something to cover you up. I’ve worn this outfit out shopping or going out for lunch. You could dress it up with a different top and some heels to.

Next is my burgundy cardigan, with a plain black top underneath, blue jeans and black boots. This cardigain is so soft! It’s graduated so the back is shorter than the front. It is perfect for the weather that will soon arrive because it is incredibly warm. I could dress down this outfit by wearing my burgandy converse, and then on the opposite adding black heels and some statement jewellery you can dress it up for the evening. Also adding ‘Captive’ Lipstick could add that pop of extra colour to match the outfit.

Lastly my more casual look is my green and burgundy checked shirt paired with a black top underneath, blue jeans and my burgandy converse. This is perfect for a chill day at home or going out with friends. Adding black jeans and boots would dress this up for sure and lipstick, but I love that this is a more casual look.


Well there my go to looks for Autumn this year, I have also been wearing my rose gold jewellery more for Autumn recently, something that goes with most outfits.

This watch is from Next and it’s a Cinderella design. If you’ve read my post about Disney World you will know how much I love Disney and Cinderella is my favourite character so when I saw this I needed it. From 10 to 2 o’clock it says ‘When the clock strikes twelve.’ The strap is a light blue like Cinderella’s dress and the clock face is a rose gold colour. My ring is the rose gold heart ring from Pandora.

Now Autumn nails is another thing I love! You know I love painting my nails and in Autumn the deep reds and purples are lovely. This week I’ve gone for a dark red ‘Scarlet Letter’ with a silver foil. The colour looks great with just one coat but I added a second coat and it looks lovely. The silver foil you just lay on top of the nail face up and press down all over the nail. In different lights you can see the different squares that sparkle differently in the light. It’s not glitter but acts like it. It look like this….


These are a few different beauty resons why I love Autumn!

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