Rainbow Gel Shellac Nails

Hi guys! Today I wanted to show you a new product I brought this weekend. As you know from previous posts I love painting my nails (‘Strawberry Smoothie’ Shellac Nails)(“Rose Brocade” Shellac Nails) and I’ve found a nail polish that’s very sparkly so I had to buy it! 

‘Rainbow Gel’ I actually found on Amazon. It’s a dark grey/black tone with a lot of glitter! I love glitter and sometimes when you get a nail polish the colours aren’t as glittery as they look from a picture online or maybe the front of the packaging, but I think this one is. It almost looks like in different lights  the glitter is different colours, greens, blues and silvers. 

I actually didn’t think I would like it. As I was applying the first coat, it was a very light silver and I didn’t think it was going to be very nice, but once I applied the last coat and the top coat I was proven wrong. I do like this colour and it’s very shiny with the top coat, which sometimes with a sparkly colour you think won’t happen, but obviously does. 

It’s not quite my normal kind of colour/ design but I really like it and would recommend it to! 


I’ve taken these photos with a flash so that you can really see how sparkly they are. 

I can’t wait to show you my next design!

Thanks for reading 



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