September Favourites

Hi Guys! It’s almost the end of September so I wanted to show you some of my favourite things from this month. As I haven’t been blogging long some of the following things have been my favourite for a couple of months now but I still wanted to share them with you. 

Up first is my favourite tanning product. I have quite pale skin and in my job I have to wear shorts everyday, so if I have very white legs it just doesn’t look good. I’m sure if your a girl you can understand. I’ve tried a couple of different products but by far this product is my favourite. ‘L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze’. It’s a gradual tan in the medium tone and I usually put it on once every 3/4 days after my shower in the morning. I found I didn’t need to put it on everyday for results, I could see after a few hours and after a couple of days it just needed topping up to make it more noticeable. It has lasted me all summer, I think I brought it back in June before my holiday and I still have a small amount left. I will definitely be buying this product next summer.



Next is my Dry Shampoo. On an early morning getting ready for work I live by this product. Some mornings I just really don’t want to wash my hair but it’s fine, pop some of this in my hair and no one would know. I have dark brown hair so this shade is perfect. I also find that it lasts a long time and I love that it gives my hair a lot more volume once you’ve put it in as my hair is quite thin and flat.







My favourite perfume at the moment is the ‘Daisy Dream’ by Marc Jacobs. I love the packaging. I’m a big flower fan so I love these daisies. I think the smell is very summery so it was perfect for the summer. I think this is the second time I’ve got this perfume and I think I’ll be purchasing it again!





Over the summer I read all of the Hunger Games books. I love the films so last year for Christmas I asked for the books. I didn’t get round to reading them until this summer. While I was on holiday I read 2 and a half books and then finished off the last one when we got back. If any of you have seen the film I recommend getting the books because obviously they have missed parts out in the film and I found that parts where explained better in the books. These are definitely my favourite books of this summer!





My skin care favourite this month has to be my ‘Garnier Cleansing Water’. This product is great, I use it for taking my make up off and really cleansing my skin in the evenings. I find it even takes off water proof mascara. It also makes my skin feel really soft after. You don’t need too much of it either, this bottle has lasted me about 2 months and there is still some left. I’ve been using this product for about a year now and I think I will still be using it for a long time.



Lastly one thing I am loving this month is having flowers in my room to really brighten up the place. I have recently re-painted my bedroom and the colour in the background of this picture is Coral. Which I also love! My mum brought me these oranges roses which went really well in my newly decorated room and they were perfect.





For some of my favourite make up products check out my Make up Must Haves 

Let me know if any of these things are your favourites to. 

Thanks for reading!









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