‘Strawberry Smoothie’ Shellac Nails

Hi guys! Today I want to share this weeks nail design with you. I love what I’ve done this week, I’ve kept it simple still but still a great little design.

Following the base coat, on all of my nails I painted on ‘Strawberry Smoothie’, which is a light pink shade with some sparkle to. I always make sure the base colour has two coats. 

I love doing a little design on my ring finger, so this week I’ve done different colour dots in an oval shape. I used ‘Tutti Fruity’, ‘Bicycle Yellow’, ‘Rose Brocade’ and ‘Purple Purple’ I used my little doter starting with small dots and getting brighter. Then to top coat to finish.

I know it’s only simple but the colour dots really stand out on top of the sparkly pink shade. I will definitely be doing this design again and maybe trying it with different colours. 

Take a look at my other nail design blog post “Rose Brocade” Gel Nails

Thanks for reading! 



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